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    I have been experience night sweats again. I have them when I first started developing symptoms of CFIDS/FMS about 18 years ago, I am a 49yo male. Been waking up drenched , I keep the air on all night at about 68 degrees which should be cool enough. As if sleeping is not bad enough but to have to get up and shower at 2am. Only other thing I can think is Andropause. I have been on TRT - testosterone replacement therapy for over a year and mine is way on the high end, or where it should be for a healthy 25 year old with no raise in my PSA or any other problems, have lost 30+ lbs being on it, more lean muscle, maybe feeling 20% better, but I think I have been deficient in testosterone for a long time so may take a while. I don't see TRT being a cause of nightsweats but the other way around that being andropause. Any other men around 50 going through Andropause with night sweats?
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    I just wanted to pass along some info.

    Night sweats can be a symptom of Babesia infection.

    Babesia can also cause horrible fatigue and lots of other symptoms such as muscle pain, etc.

    Babesia is usually spread by tick bites, but can also be transmitted during a blood transfusion.

    Many people who have Babesia were first diagnosed with CFS/CFIDS/FM before discovering the actual cause of their symptoms.

    Many of those people also have other chronic infections such as Borrelia Burgdorferi (Lyme) and Bartonella, etc.

    Please read this info:

    Babesia info on pages 22-24, 26-27 of the following paper:

    Page 9-11 of the above paper contains a symptom list for tick-borne infections....take a look.

    Read this also:
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    Similar to you, over the years I have had night sweats, so severe we had to change the under blankets and all linen night after night. The night sweats decreased considerably after starting on magnesium citrate (500mg daily), which was advised by Prof. Julia Newton at Newcastle Uni. The sweats went completely after starting vitamin D 5000 IU daily.

    Vitamin D between 5000IU and 10000 IU daily will increase testosterone levels by around 30% in men. It is the increased testosterone which is thought to relate vitamin D to muscle strength not vitamin D per se.

    I have recommended the combination of Magnesium 400mg twice daily(citrate, succinate or taurinate) and vitamin D 5000IU to 10000IU daily to three other FM/ME sufferers with complete success.

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    Makes sense my D levels are way down as of last few lab tests. I started vit D. around what you suggest a while back and at that time I had no night sweats at least not to this level. But for me anyways, starting a new supplement takes time for me to become routine. I will also look into a good magnesium supplement which I should be on anyways with FMS/CFIDS/ME.

    Thanks bobby

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