Men as likely to get CFS as Women

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    Interesting piece I came across while searching CFS in the News.

    From the: Border Mail (Newspaper)


    Chronic fatigue myth debunked
    WOMEN are no more likely to get chronic fatigue syndrome than men, nor are neurotic types more prone, according to new myth-debunking Australian research.

    Scientists from the University of Sydney and the University of NSW have discovered who is most likely to get the debilitating condition and it has nothing to do with age, sex, personality traits or mental health as many people thought.

    Chronic fatigue syndrome is most commonly triggered by an acute illness, like glandular fever, and it is the severity of this illness that decides whether you will develop the syndrome, the research found.

    “The sicker you are at the beginning of the infection, the more likely it is to result in a prolonged illness,” said UNSW infectious diseases specialist Andrew Lloyd.

    “As far as we can see this is the only determinant of who is likely to get it.”

    The research team made its discovery by tracking the long-term health of individuals infected by three infections — the mosquito borne Ross River virus, Q fever bacterial infection and Epstein-Barr virus, which causes glandular fever — in Dubbo.

    “These three different bugs trigger this fatigue in 10 per cent of people from moment one, of day one, of the acute infection,” Prof Lloyd said.

  2. Clay2

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    As a man who got violently ill last April and now has CFS, this fits me to a 'T' - except I don't hear much about Q fever and Ross River around here. I'm sure we have our own culprits.
  3. mymichelina

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    It is true that all the studies I have read say this article is different. Thanks for sharing it. I just want an answer that is the final absolute truth!!!!!


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