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  1. Rebeck

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    I just wondered if anyone has heard of men having Fibromyalgia and CFS, i have never known one that has had it, do any of you know if this is just a womens disease? Thanks, Rebeck
  2. lenasvn

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    There are quite a few on this board. My brother has FM/CFS.

    men do have this DD, but women have more neurotransmitters and become more suspensible. At least that's what I've read.

    Rockgor and MrDad are some funny pricks on this board with either FM/CFS. There are plenty more, but many tend to lurk, only to pop out their heads sometimes.

    Gotta hit the binge now, good night!
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  3. Rebeck

    Rebeck New Member

    Well, I AM LEARNING SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY, EVEN AT 66YRS OLD, I NEVER KNEW MEN HAD IT, SO LIKE I say , your'e never to old to learn, bless you all Rebeck Thanks
  4. Boo3

    Boo3 New Member

    yes the founder of the FM and Fatigue Centers Dr. Kent Holtorf, a chronic fatigue patient and practitioner specializing in fibromyalgia (FM) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients.
    so yes they do.

    tc...and keep SMILING :)
  5. Rebeck

    Rebeck New Member


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