Menapause and FM

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cosmoo, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. cosmoo

    cosmoo New Member

    I was wondering if anyone had heard about how FM affects going thru menapause. I heard a rather strange thing the other day, that FM could send you down that road earlier and that it can be harder to get thru. Could anyone recommend a good book, article, or website that discusses this. Also open to you sharing your own personal experiences. I am headed that direction ladies-help!
    Many Thanks
  2. cshellz

    cshellz New Member

    I am headed in the same direction--havent heard that FM makes peri-meno or meno worse, then again there are days that this dd makes EVERYTHING worse!! :( .
    I go the a couple of meno websites--, and there are a few at ivillage. is for gals who've had surgery. All have good info tho. Maybe your rheumy could help.
    Some of the same symptoms are related to both conditions:
    like achys, tired, palpitations, irritability, sleeplessness, skin/hair probs, and with the increased heart disease factors at/after meno--I swear each chest pain and palp has made me crazy. Is it meno? or FM? or something really serious!!??? Just glad to finally have a diagnosis--and have at least some people realize I am not a hypochondriac!! Course now they'll just think I am hormonal! (e-gad!!)
    Good luck finding info--if you do, please post it for us all to share Thanks!
  3. lana33

    lana33 New Member

    I started perimenopause before I was told I had fibro. I just had my hysterectomy last summer in June. I put it off till I couldn't take it any more. I had very heavy cycles that started to last most of the month.

    I know there are dangers in taking the hrt but willing to take it. I am on the estrogen patch. My doc didn't put me on the patch till after the surgery though.

    Before that I was on progesterone therapy to help regulate my cycles. It worked for a while but stopped helping in that department.

    I am glad I had the hyst and glad to be on the patch. I had very bad hot flashes. And with this fm and my other diagnoses, it would have been too much for me.

    How long have you been having symptoms? Hope this helps.

  4. cosmoo

    cosmoo New Member

    Thank you all for replying and thanks for the great websites-good stuff you were right. Like a couple of you I cannot take any hormones, my mothre died of breast cancer and my sister is battling it now. I did find a new gyn whom I saw for the first time this week -she was great and understood my request no problem (she is not the one who osaid you could go thru earlier). She said I had many other options. Thanks again everyone!!
  5. selasela

    selasela New Member

    After a series of unbelievable stressful events, I mysteriously went through menopause at age 37--just bam! and I had no more periods. It was apprx a year after this that I noticed I had intense all-over pain that didn't let up. THis started me on my journey. I'f you'll read a few of my posts, you'l see I've had positive ANAs, etc., but yes menopause, it seemed, maybe even triggered this. Or who knows? maybe this triggered menopause. I have taken HRT--for about 3 years, and it helped some. Last week when I was put on lyrica, i was also put back on premaren--this time vaginally, as opposed to orally. I'm 41, but I feel old, tired, and sick.

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