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    okay ladies, i am in my mid forties, have suffered with indigestion, ibs, sore muscles, joints, fatigue, tingling in my extremities, mainly my left fingers and foot. occ. cold exremites, dizziness, sore throat, allergies, a feeling of an electric current going through my arms. more recently irregular periods. Whats up? It's like cfs, but now with the periods im thinkin menapause. One more thing that is scary, i get sharp "little" pains in my chest, that send me into a mild panic attack cuz i don't know what's going on. then i have some heavy belching and pass gas. is this gas related or heart and am i belching cuz of the panic attacks? i always worry about my heart, don't know why. i just think everything im experiencing is heart related. a yr ago i had a stress test done, couple yrs a go ekg. 10 yrs ago an echo. ? got any relieve to give me.
    thank you!
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    bump for response!
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    I had an OB/GYN who believed that my symptoms were from menopause or peri-menopause

    He did bloodwork, and then was really disappointed, because my hormone levels were okay. Of course he said, this was just a snapshot, just ONE DAY in the life of my hormones.

    I just think it is very coincidental that a great deal of CFS and FMS patients are women in their 40's - (I am 49 and my periods just started to get irregular)

    I am curious to know how many women on this board are in their 40's????
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    It sounds like a gas pain, as you 'brought it up' shortly thereafter and presumably the pain went ? BUT still see your doctor just to be safe.

    Last year I started missing periods.. well every 6 mths I missed, this year it has been one month on, the next off.. my doctor didn't run any tests just explained I am more than likely in perimenopause.

    Now I have started hot flashes, at first I thought it was just the heat of summer but then realised there's a rhythym to these flashes. I have also woken up in the night with what felt like a river running down my body..I had to put the fan on even though the room wasn't hot. I have never sweated so much in my life!

    Just another lot of symptoms/problems to be dealt with :(

    I also find I have really restless leg symptoms lately..

    All your symptoms sound 'normal' to me for us FMS /CFS sufferes :(

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    I'm 53 and I started to get hot flashes in June.

    I'm also on the Marshall Protocol and since I've started the antibiotic portion of the protocol my hot flashes have stopped. Is it a coincidence? Don't know. I just hope they don't come back.

    I have CFS and have had many heart related fluttering over the years. The skipping and fluttering was worse premenstural. Also many times I would belch after a skipped beat. Why does it happen? Who knows!

    The only relief is to get rid of your FM/CFS.

    I'm on the Marshall Protocol.

    Feel better soon.

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    I too have had the fluttering, skipped heart beats over the years ( and yes! more so pre menstrual).. one time my heart was racing after a meal and I went to see doc but he told me thats normal, apparently the heart speeds up to help digestion..? Who'd have thought!