Meningitis vaccine?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by alaska3355, Dec 20, 2005.

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    As most of you know, my son has had CFIDS for a year now...he's 18. He didn't start college in September, due to being sick, so he's hoping to try again in January. They strongly recommend a meningitis vaccine for all new students, especially freshmen. But a large majority of freshmen live in the dorms, and he'd be living at home. Do you think he should have the vaccine? Or would it just take him down again? He is quite susceptible to any viruses floating around and is not over this yet. We are planning a minimal college schedule...3 classes, and nothing before 10:00 a.m. Please keep him in your prayers (his name is John) and let me know what you think about the vaccination.
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    Well, I am glad to hear that John is feeling well enough to be able to tackle even a minimal load of college courses in January. Three cheers for him!!

    Now I know on the east coast, it is required (in almost every state)for all students (incoming freshman & transfer students)living on campus to have the meningitis vaccine. It is thought that living in close quarters increases the probability of the possible transmission of meningitis.

    Now, since John will only be on campus for a short time - just for his classes and some library time, it might not be necessary for him to get the vaccine. As a commuter, and one that has limited energy at that - he certainly will limit his time on campus. He can choose not to partake in all the typical college hanging out & partying.

    When he is scheduling his classes, perhaps he should try to stay away from those that are given in large lecture halls. Maybe he can schedule classes that are smaller in size? Are you working with an advisor at the school? His college advisor can help him steer around the maze of fiiguring this all out - especially with John's medical condition, the school and his instructors really need to be informed.

    Wishing John the best of luck for his spring semester! Wishing your family a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season & New Year!!

    Gentle Hugs,
  3. alaska3355

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    I'm leaning toward not having him vaccinated...he has enough problems. He will be mostly at home and, as I said, school will be as limited as possible. Thanks for the info,elliespad and fm58. Terri
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    CFS onset is linked to infections and vaccinations. Anything that infectious agent can cause, vaccine can cause too. He already has CFS, which is a result of dysfunctional immune system attacking nervous system, so why put it through additional challenge with vaccine? Vaccines are definetely linked to autoimmunity.

    Instead of working against the pathogen, in CFS patients the immune system is more likely to attack self. Let your son recover the balance in his immune functioning, I think he is doing great now and he should recover completely in due time. If I were you I would not rock the boat. I think in this case the risk highly outweighs the possible benefit.
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    I would not do it. I have had spinal meningitis, and it is horrible. Since all they are doing is putting the virus in your system, and if he is susceptible to viruses I think you are correct in going on the no side.

    I know the year I get a flu vaccine - I was sick for 4 months. The doctors don't even know how I got the meningitus, as well as being 7 months pregnant - they were baffled. In the begining they thought I was not going to make it, but wanted me to continue "cooking" the baby.

    Make sure that your son practices lots of washing, especially in public bathrooms, and avoid porta potties. It is usually transferred through fecal matter then being air born is what I was told. Well that's my 2 cents.
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    My son was required to get it before entering college in 2004 - I had to do a lot of research, plus have doctors help me because I take a drug that actually lowers my immune system, so much so that I can't even be around anyone that gets any type of vaccine with live cultures in it - WE CALLED (docs and myself) THE MANUFACTURER OF THE MENINGITIS VACCINE - "THERE ARE NO LIVE CULTURES IN IT" - so it would be safe for your son to take - it just depends on your preference.....

    Just an example: Most baby vaccines are NOT live cultures, but the MMR one does have live cultures in it, so when my new grandson gets it, I must avoid him for 7 - 10 days....

    Wishing you & your son the best.......Donna
  7. pam_d

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    ...I'd be far less worried about the live cultures and more worried about all the rest of the garbage in vaccines, like formaldehyde, mercury, etc. I once had a strong negative reaction to the first in a series of Hepatitis B vaccines----needless to say, I never had the rest of the series----and when I researched the contents of this vaccine, I was absolutely appalled at what I found out; it wasn't the Hep B I was worried about, it was the other ingredients, toxic stuff. No wonder people sometimes trace the onset of FM or CFS symptoms to the aftermath of a shot of some type.

    Especially since he's going to be living at home rather than in close quarters with other students, and where you & he have control of his diet, supplements, etc. I wouldn't have him get it,but please bear in mind, that's my opinion only----vaccines are a personal decision. One suggestion I'd make, though, before he has the shot, is to thoroughly research ALL the contents of this vaccine, so you can be aware of EVERYTHING in it, and how it might affect him.

    Good luck with this & best of luck to him, also, as he starts his college career; I hope he stays as well as possible, I'll say a prayer for him.

  8. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    as usual, you guys are a great source of information! And, LovinlifeinAK, I will get after him to wash. He's still a typical boy in that regard....Terri

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