Menopause and cfs/fib

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    I've had cfs/fib for over 10 years and now am in the phase of my life where menopausal symptoms are making everything worse. I have been having night sweats, day sweats, hot flashes. What bothers me the most is that it feels like the hot flashes are robbing me of the precious energy i do have. I tried hrt but found the side affects disabling. I feel as though i'm going to have to spend the rest of my life in bed. Is anyone else going thru this. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    with gratitude
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    by that I mean the natural kind (eg ProGest cream) NOT HRT
    it has helped lots of women over various menopause symptoms. You can buy it quite easily in the USA, possibly through your pharmacist or if not then over the internet. It's worth a try as it isn't known to have any side effects - I know there are other natural supplements supposed to help with hot flushes, but I can't remember what they are!!!
    If you put natural menopause into a search engine I'm sure you'll find some useful websites!!
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    Hi Running Stream:
    I had a hysterectomy 25 years ago and have been on premarin for 27 years, a LONG, long time. I have found out how to adjust my hormone pills. Some days I take one a day, some days I skip a few days depending on how I feel. If I start getting sore, etc, I cut back. If I start getting sweats, I take one a day for a while. It took me several years to work out this system, but it works for me. I hope you give hrt another try and try to adjust your meds to the symptoms. It may be you too can work something out that will work for you. The doctors don't have all the answers. They say it is okay to adjust the pills like I do, afterall, I have had this for many years and know what is best for my body.
    Please give hrt another try, cause it is supposed to have other good benefits for your heart, bones, plus your sanity and feeling of good will.
    If I get hot flashes, I run outside and cool off/ Never thought I'd like this cold northwoods weather, but it's great for hot flashes. I lived in Ten. for a while and kept the air conditioner on frigid because of the flashes.
    Hope some of this helps you, and good luck.
    your friend in menopause!!!
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    CFS etc went into a downward spiral some years ago, about two years down the line changes in hormones made everything worse. The only blood test done at that time showed normal oestrogen levels so was just left to get on with it.

    Started researching natural methods of dealing with this and consequently took some herbs etc and they eased off some of the symptoms but not the effects it was all having on my CFS.

    GP (PCP) had told me about double blind study on RED CLOVER, tried it and it really did make a difference.

    For the previous 20 years I had been burning up and having night sweats so these two classical signs meant nothing.

    There's lots of information on alternatives to HRT because so many women choose not to use it.

    Good luck

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    I too have same cfs/fib. For me Natural Progesrone Cream was my saving grace. My Doc was quite insistent about using traditional hormone therapy. But estrogen for me was dynamite! Anyway, a local Pharmacist where I live in Canada is a Compounding Pharmacist (mixes prescribed ointments and meds by hand to taylor make them to the individual). The amount of Cream you use will depend on the concentration but I was a little gob about a quarter of a tsp. and got great relief. Hope you can find what works for you and soon!
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    uterus removed when I was 21 and my ovaries removed a couple of years ago...I'm 47 years old now. I WAS on HRT until about a year ago and I found that I wasn't responding to the hormones, so I stopped them and started taking Black I take nothing. I can't tell the difference between menopausal symptoms and my other FMS,CFIDS,chronic myofascial pain, chronic angioedema and urticaria. I am taking steroids for the last problems I mentioned and I have hot and cold flashes every ten minutes of every day and night. I also suffered from sweats and flushes as a result of these last conditions AND with panic attacks. No meds EVER helped with that, so I am doomed to have these reactions, I think. It's miserable, isn't it? I've suffered from the sweats and flushes since I was in my late twenties.
    With empathy,
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    Untill you find something to help you, keep a small fan close by, and when you feel that flash coming on, just turn the fan on high!

    I am still getting flashs/flushes after sixteen years ( not as often, but on occasion now). Fibro causes hot flushes, and night sweats so you are going through double trouble with the menopause. I did the same thing.

    I kept an ice bucket by the bed with a washcloth to cool myself down when they started in the middle of the night instead of getting out of bed everytime I had a flash. I almost went out of my mind with those damn flashes.

    The only thing that helped at night was low dose Xanax, they seem to calm me down enough that sometimes I would sleep through the heat!

    It could just be me, but since I have been taking ZMA, they had almost gone away completely. I just get them if I get excited or stressed out now.

    I could not take HRT as most of my family died of one form of cancer or the other, so that was out. I just suffered through it all. Not a pleasant thought.

    I sure hope someone comes up with something that will work for you.

    Mine were so bad, that I would have them in my car and fog up the windows. Many times I pulled on the side of the road untill I could get the defroster to work in the car! Yea, thats how bad they were.

    They won't kill you, but they sure make life miserable.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Progesterone creme is very good, and can help improve your mood dramatically as well, but I just want to add a couple of cautions.
    Even at doses lower than recommended, it can cause very painful swelling of the breasts. It can also dramatically increase chocolate cravings, so if you already have a problem with this, as I do, you may want to slowly increase the dose from a very small starting dose, and see how you tolerate it.
    You may also want to look into taking Pregnenolone. It is sold over-the-counter and is the "Mother hormone", and your body can make it into whatever hormones your body needs. The dosage should never be more than 3 mgs. a day over the long term. There are many previous posts here on this, if you want to check out the archives.
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    Thanks to all who responded and shared what worked for them and what didn't. I spent a year trying different combinations of hormone replacement therapy and am now trying different combinations of herbs and diet. Again, thankyou for the support and feedback.

    with gratitude