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    quick bio, was diagnosed with fibro 6 yrs ago,6'2" 253lbs muscular frame, the four doctors call me a anomilee,lift about 1000lbs a day of bolts of a truck, in pain always,hands,knees and feet,back in exterme pain as i write, had a mental breakdown first time in my life 5 weeks ago,turned forty ,dog of twelve yrs had too be put down of cancer , sister got cancer is okay now still in hospital though, iam on so many drugs it is not funny, now the mental professianal says after five years on prozac may have a negative effect on me mind always racing , well what i am asking is do mental breakdowns happen a lot?is there no end too pain? if not why do we keep waking up and plodding along on this nightmare? and what is worse fear of dying in that uneasy sleep that never comes? or the fear of waking up in pain for the rest of my life , both sides of my families all have and living into there 70s and 80s? sorry for the grammer public schools thanks for you listen too me winne i have never done this before just hoping for some answers, your friend in pain tom
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    Will try to help.

    Tom - I am 62, my parents are both 85 and have never had any major illnesses. My only sibling, a sister, died 3 years ago from Scleroderma, the hardening disease. I have Fibromyalgia and CFIDS. How did this happen?

    Hope you find someone here who can relate - keep trying, tho. Don't give up the first time. Someone will answer you.

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    You are going through a lot right now. Have you tried looking for a job that is less physical than the one you have now? I can't even do yard work without being down for 2 days! I couldn't imagine doing what you do everyday no wonder that you hurt! I had to quit mine and I have filed for SSD. Try making some changes in your life and see if that helps any. Hang in there Tom, it will get better. My Mom is going through cancer right now also.
    Good luck,
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    Hi Tom, you have my favorite man's name, my favorite son is Tom, and my only grandson is also Tom!

    I don't know why someone who seems to be in such good health could contact this painful illness. I wish I had the answer for you.

    I would say it is enough to give any of us a breakdown, so put that behind you, and try to look toward the future.

    I have had Fibro for 20 plus years, yea a longtime for sure.

    I have gotten help in the last two years. Mostly from supplements, this board and the wonderful people here and the Pro Health Store link.

    I know what the 'racing brain' does, I have that. I also know what not 'really' sleeping does, I HAD that!

    I take a low dose of Xanax (0.25 milligrams) once a day, 6pm for the racing brain, then I take a supplement called; ZMA (zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6) that has turned my life around with deep sleep (I have never taken Prozac).

    I now sleep 7-8 hours a night without waking up, if I wake for a bathroom run, then I go right back to sleep.

    This is such a miracle to me, as I spent a lifetime on as little as 3 hours of sleep a night, and that was not always the case, sometimes I would stay up for 24 hours so that I would be so exausted that I would sleep that night for a few hours.

    I am so sorry to hear about your dog, I have five of those sweethearts, and I love them so very much. Two are getting old now, Pit Bull is 12 years old, my Boxer is 10 years old. The others are young. I go to pieces when I lose one of my babies. YOu can see the two older ones on my profile if you like.

    I am so happy for you that your sister is doing well, I lost my younger brother(only sibling I had) to cancer 7 years ago this May. It is a heartbreak I will never recover from completely.

    You keep trying till you find what works for you Tom, there is a lot of us who find help, there is hope, never think that you can't be helped!

    You are a strong young man, and that is to your advantage.

    Be sure to keep reading this board, we have some great knowledgeable people here, and they will help you all they can.

    This is all from me for now, if you have any questions, just please ask them, if we can answer we will be glad to help.

    Again, welcome to you.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I can't answer your question but know what you mean.It is hard to keep going when there's so much pain.I know I feel that way sometimes too.So hang in there and keep posting, we can't get rid of the pain,but we can share the ups and downs with you.Sending you (((()))). bejo
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    today was about aton of bolts, about 40 or so of boxes weighing in at about forty pounds a piece thanks for all the support all try the zma, already take a few supplements dhea, three kinds of ginsings, multivitamen, and the doctor has me on xenaxe and some sleeping pills which i take sparringly ,thanks again too everybody sometimes you just have too rant!!!!!!! tom
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    I`ve been through everything you`ve gone through. We all here understand how hard it is. This illness is not for the weak but the very strongest.

    Don`t be afraid to take something for sleep. That`s the first thing you`ve got to get under control then the rest of it will seem a lot more bearable. Most of us here have to take something to help us sleep every nite or we wouldn`t sleep. If you don`t sleep, that just makes your pain all the worse.

    So sorry about your dog. I had to put my beloved border collie to sleep 4 monthes ago it was so hard. His kidneys were failing. He was 15 yrs old.

    We`re here for you when you need us.
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    If you can find a doc who specializes in our illnesses in your area, try to see him or her. If not, find a pain specialist to help you with the pain. He or she ought to be able to help with sleep too.

    The supplement, ZMA, sold here has been very helpful for sleep and healing muscle pain (bodybuilders use it to heal the tiny muscle tears from lifting). Work on your symptoms one at a time.

    I used to be on Morphine and now seldom take any pain meds. It is possible to improve one's condition but it takes real commitment and it's a very slow process.

    You have certainly come to the right place. Learn all you can about your illness. We have an excellent library here. Good luck and welcome aboard.

    Love, Mikie
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    I don't know how you do so much physical work with FM. First of all let me say I'm so sorry for your loss of your dog. I just lost my cat Sunday. Your sister may God bless mom had cancer. As for do mental breakdowns happen a lot? Well I don't know about around here. I'm new too, but not to break downs. Your under a lot of stress right now which is horrible for your FM, I'm sure you know that and also your mental state. May I ask what do you take the prozac for? Do you have a depression problem along with you FM. The reason I ask is I do. I'm what they call Bipolar aka Manic depression. I'm on Prozac but after a while side effects left me with a racing mind which for me is part of my mania. My dr. put me on a mood-stablizer. Which helped balance out the prozac's side- effect with my racing mind. Now I don't know if a racing mind goes with having FM. I was Bipolar before I got FM. You said your on a lot of meds. Do you take anything that gets you into that deep sleep? Sleep is the most important thing to help with FM. I don't know if my post has helped. Just know your not alone.
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    all try too respond the best i can, just took two xenaxe, how i do the job i do its simple, this probaly the easyst(thats probably spelled wrong) job ive every done, at 19 i was in air force we were in charge of 250 telephone cables 250ft. long, spools weighed 80lbs a piece eight man shop, my male boss weighed 100lbs two females weighed the same, head sargent fused back bone only one other could help me checking cables twice a month gets real tiring quick, next job trash man one man on a truck lifted between 7 to 10 tons a day by myself for seven years, no mechanical arm like they have today, job before my current job worked in a chemical waste factory full chem suit and was almost killed four times and sore feet standing in the back of a container truck in rubber boots with steel toes chipping ice out for 8 hours, couldnt feel anything below my knees,was froze for two days, not complaining just facts, yes i take three differrent sleeping pills at certain times of the week, ambein when its real bad mainly friday and saturday night, sonata sometimes during the week when i have too, half a tylenol pm if i run out of the rest, and a lot of prescription motrin thats why not so much tylenol pm, iam sorry for the loss of your family members too cancer, the feeling of helplessness is unbearbly, my sis is home now, went too her sons game today, she says shes better i dont know thou if she hurts her self i guess i will go sit on her, to make her stay put, as for my dog the pain is too much too bear hard too write about, why prozac ive never hit a women in my life, my wife and i wear having a argument six years ago and i flipped the dish washer with one hand thats when i went too seek help for the pain and was diagnosed with this thing,i am sorry if i have scared any of you with the last comments, but this all the truth and i an pouring my life into cyber space so i am sorry,my moose of a dog just walked in the door that means dinner time, iam sorry for boring you all thanks again for the responces keep fighting you all reminded me of that yesterday thanks too all!!!!!!!!!! tom