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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by skippy007, May 1, 2007.

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    When I walked into the building it had a smell - when I walked into the office it had a smell - like old and like old - nothing fancy, something from the 50's. I was given a four page form to fill out ( surprise ) - asking me what emotional problems or depression I was experiencing, age, weight, employer yadayadayada. I went outside and sat on a bench to fill out form but didn't get far. The doctor called me in and proceeded to go over the four page form. Midway he started his little tests. 1. I was shown pictures and asked to state what did not fit in the picture 2. He stated different lengths of numbers and I had to repeat them 3. He told me a story and then I had to tell him what I remembered about it 4. He pointed to boxes making a pattern and I had to repeat his pattern 5. I had to copy symbols shown under numbers - I then had to do it again while being timed to see how much I could do 6. I had to copy drawings of different angled boxes 7. He would take two words and I would have to tell him how they were related 8. He asked current and past history questions 9. I had to pick out the missing piece to angled puzzles. There was no discussion into my symptoms and/or the effect they have on my functional life or well-being. I thought I was in grade school. I was there 45 minutes. When he put me in another room to complete some drawings at the end, he brought in his next patient and you could hear the same idiot process happening again. I checked his name and validated his license and he is current with no issues. What a waste of time. I am sure I am heading for my first denial and will begin now to prepare for my appeal most likely with representation. When I talked to SSDI case worker for a status update last week, I was told that there was really not enough info to give a disability allowance but that the mental exam may have enough weight to support that allowance - fat chance. I feel comfortable with what my rheumy provided for them. I will just have to go through the hoops.
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    sounds like a neuropsyche exam here (albeit a very very basic one) as mine for LTD was 2.5 days and just exhausting and did show cognitive limitations, but she also threw in some BS stuff that my pain was worse from psycholigical issues and stress, ya da ya da ya...

    You never know, you might be surprised by what the exam says, but you are right in preparing for an appeal. and yes, gotta play the game and jump through the hoops unfortunately . I have been doing this since I was approved LTD in late 2004.

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    thank you for sharing your experience with those of us that will have to go into that in the near future!? I dread the whole disability hoop process. I am just starting...havent even turned in the applications yet. I hope you have a better outcome than you expect. If you do not mind me asking, what was your dx in you application?

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    I had had planters fasciitis since 2003. Over time I started to have low back pain and upper shoulder/neck pain which I contributed to compensating for the planters fasciitis. My podiatrist told me in 2005 that I could have some type of connective tissue problem as the planters fasciitis should have subsided within a year or so. It has been a slow process in coming to this DX. In 2005 I had to switch from Kaiser to Blue Shield so I re-established with a new doctor in 2005. Through many a visit and numerous xrays, etc., I got referred to a rheumy in July 2006 - took three months to get into him and any other rheumy at the time. Rheumy spaces his visits every 8 weeks so. . . . He DX'd me in January 2007 with Fibro, OA, DDD, chronic fatigue, significant depression related to disability.
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    I appreciate all your responses. I have and continue to learn so much. I try to give back to the board when I can with what experiences I encounter. It seems what goes on in these exams is more mixed up than a dogs breakfast !
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    thank you for this
    i am waiting to be 'evaluated'
    too bad we can't self evaluate and save them alot of time
    but then they wouldnt have jobs, would they?
    at least we're putting food on someone's table, clothes on their backs, shoes on their children's feet
    and we thought ourselves useless
    or maybe that was just me...
  7. skippy007

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    Thanks for the laugh. I forgot how important a part we all play in keeping SSDI afloat!

    Bless their pointed heads.
  8. skippy007

    skippy007 New Member

    FYI - My wonderful experience with SSDI mental exam here in Caleeeeforneeeea.

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