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    I am scheduled to have a mental exam as part of my efforts to obtain SSD. My appointment is tomorrow (Saturday). Has anyone had one of these? What should I expect? The doctor is hired by SSD. My medical records are very supportive for total disability. Why would they want a mental exam? My MFCC sent a supportive letter and I just had a mental evaluation by a pain specialist who has worked in the field for many years and is the CEO of the American Chronic Pain Association.

    I would appreciate feedback from others who have had mental exams scheduled by SSD.

    Thank you..Jan
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    someone help Jan please?

    All I know is that some insurances try to get people with CFIDS to fall into the category of 'mental/nervous disorder', because then they only have to pay for two years or so, and not thereafter (so if you have disability insurance, look that up, and if that's what it is, you may want to make sure you don't come out as having mental problems).

    I don't know about SSA, but seem to remember from earlier posts that this is a standard requirement.

    All the best Jan, and wishing you luck
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    I have to run out for a bit but I wanted to say I remember when I had to go for my SSD exam, I did a search on this site and came up with a wealth of info. I myself posted regarding my exam. It may take a bit of energy but if you do a search on SSA SSI and SSDI you may come up with some info. You can also look up my profile and if you look in my posts you will see my post about my exam. I will be in and out today but if this doesnt help you, leave me a message and I will try to remember how my exam went.

    Best Wishes,
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    Yes, I was sent to their doc who totally missed my cfids/fm.I did not know what I had at that time.

    I also went for psych eval. I had been stalked for 8 yrs. I moved to secure prop.,condo. She saw me for about 10 min. Said, well atleast you got away finally. You will be fine now. That was it I even called SS and told them I hope thay did not pay for a full hr. I actually was looking forward to it and was disappointed that she did not even mention PTSD, after living in fear for 8 yrs.

    So it prob. is in who you get. Try not to worry, I was told depression is helpful from my attorney. So do not be afraid to let them know if you are. It really is secondary to losing so much of one`s life.

    HUGssss, Let us know
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    I had one a few years back, as part of re-certification for disability with the SSA. It was no big deal, really. I was very apprehensive and felt insulted, as I imagine you do, but it was short and very simple.

    He asked if I knew what date it was, whether I ever thought about suicide (feel free to say yes if you do - don't we all? I certainly have thought about it); asked me to count backwards by 4s and subtract by 15s and some stuff I don't remember, but it wasn't much and wasn't strenuous.

    Think of it as something like a perfunctory physical where they look in your ears, look at your tongue, take your blood pressure and tap your knee. Breathe deep and don't worry ;-)
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    When I went for SSDI they didn't have the "chronic fatigue syndrome" box to check (hadn't yet acknowledged the existance of it) and they certified me on one of my major symptoms - depression. According to SSDI, I am still disabled due to depression, not cfids.

    So, I do not think that having mental problems would be considered detrimental to your claim. It is common sense and medically logical that extreme, long term suffering from pain has a depressive effect on your "affect". :) I think it would be helpful, though, to emphasize that the pain causes your depression, if you have depression, and not the other way around, as some of the medical establishment would like to think.

    Good luck,
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    for your words and kindness. I will be seeing this psychologist at 12:30 tomorrow. I don't think SSD will have me see a medical doctor because they can't argue with or disprove the claim. All of my x-rays, labs and studies have been reviewed by at least 3 specialists. I am on State Disability for the disease in my spine. It ends in July and I hope SSD will pick up from there. I also have FMS and the main focus of my disability is my spine and chronic persistant pain condition. I guess time will tell.

    Thanks again,