Mental fog mishaps

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by morningsonshine, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Hey, i had some really bad mental fog on Wed, and Thursday!
    Wed. morning, i woke up with that, i just got run over by a Mac truck feeling. I was lying in bed thinking ~oh no~
    I have to go grocery shopping for my family today. How am i ever going to manage, maybe i better start the day with an advil. (I don't take advil unless i really, really need it!)
    So, anyways, every morning when i get up, i go to my pill cupboard and take a antioxidant, with a big glass of water.
    Which i did that morning too, or i thought i did!

    I turned around and took three step and thought, ~boy, that tasted like advil going down, OH My, what did i take?

    Now these bottles open differently, and pills look different, i went back over to the cupboard and tried to think what i had done. For the life of me, i cannot tell you wether i took the supplement, or the advil, and it was only 5 sec. after!!!
    My 12 year old said, mom are you going to be okay?, I said, well, what ever it was, it was only one. I did hurt less after awhile, and went shopping, but had a terrible time with brain fog all day, and a total melt down by the time i got home. I wasn't safe to be around, so went to my room and shut the door.

    The very next day, i had an avon customer call me for mascara, i had some on hand and dug it out of my iventory box. Then i sat at the computor to look up the price on it.

    Afterwards i got a phone call, when i was done, i couldn't find that mascara ANYWHERE!!!! I thought i left it by the computor, but i looked everywhere. Finally, my hubby said, maybe you put it back in the box.

    I said, no way, why would i do that, i have to run it over to her. But, i looked anyways, and there it was!!!!!

    Thank goodness, my hubby was sweet enough to run it over for me, i might have got lost!
  2. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    I almost microwaved my food with aluminum foil over it instead of plastic wrap!

    I know what you mean about the melt-down that sends you to isolation for the sake of others. I hate myself when I get like that.

  3. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    I have felt much the same this week.

    I am so lucky that I don't have little ones to look after, and I order my groceries over the internet. (well, it is good and bad, cause I probably should force myself to do more).

    I have to write so much down so I don't forget, even little things, like if I took my vitamins or Advil.

    The other night I took off my sweater to get in my pjs and started getting changed when I realized I had already been wearing pjs from earlier in the day!!

    Hope your week improves.

    Sue in Ontario
  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement! Sometimes it's so frusterating!!

    I could easily live in my PJ!!

    I just gave most of my Avon customers over to another lady.
    I have mixed feeling about that. I've been having a hard time getting out to do a good job. But i like seeing people!
    I felt i was wasting my good energy, or days, on that tho, when my home and family should be getting it. And with school getting out, i wanted to give what ever i got to my kids.
  5. RockiAZ

    RockiAZ New Member

    One of my "moments" was when I thought I put my granola bar that I crunch up in a little ziplock bag, pour it into a bowl and then poor applesauce over it for a snack. Well, when I started to pour the applesauce into the bowl, I noticed crunched up dog food in my bowl, jerked back the applesauce bottle which ended up on my face and counter! I have a little puppy that I crunch up her dry food the same way as my granola bar and, obviously, grabbed the wrong snack!!!

    Live, LAUGH, Love,
  6. livin4him

    livin4him New Member

    know just how you feel. One of the things I have to do now is to put all of my pills in a pill box for the week. I try to do it either on Sat. or Sunday. I have a large one with each day of the week on it and 4 boxes for each day (morning, noon, evening and bed). By doing this, if I can't remember, I look in pillbox to see if it's gone. (I have to look alot, lol). One other thing I have to do is put a timer on when I put anything on stove or else I tend to forget.
  7. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    Fortunately, I haven't done any of these in a while but here's a the few REALLY crazy things I've been known to do. Obviously, these are the ones I get a little more teasing from my family about!

    * One time I took a shower, dried my hair, put on my makeup, then proceeded to take off my robe but instead of getting dressed, I got back in the shower and got under the spray all over again. DUH!!!! And this was before work, needless to say I was late....

    * A different morning, same routine, makeup all done, proceeded to start washing my face, when what I meant to do was brush my teeth. Had to start over from scratch.

    * Just last week, got in the car to go to work and realize I had two different SHOES on! In my defense, they were both black slip-on loafers, but still....!!!

    * A couple of weeks ago I was going to clean the bathroom (quite the rarity for me, lol!) and instead of spraying the tub with the foaming bubbles cleanser, I sprayed the inside of the tub with hair spray. Ick. I've stuck to showers since then, even though I did eventually use the cleanser, just seems like it sitting down in the tub might get sticky!

    I'm not sure I would admit to these elsewhere, but I'm sure you all understand these freaky things all too well! Nice to know I'm not alone!

  8. angelkisses6

    angelkisses6 New Member

    I had to give up selling my avon because it was costing me money, i would forget to order something or not order something and to answer all those people would make me even more nervous so then i really would get mixed up,and i dont drive so my husband has to take me everywhere and try telling him you cant remember where to go,lol,So thats only a part of my wourld iam sure theres a lot more but i just cant remember right now,lol. take care all angelkisses
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  9. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I love the dog food one! YUM!!

    To bad about your movie, ggiggi, that one hurt! I have a hard time returning library books to the right place, school, or public? LOL

    I think some of you have the right idea, i need to have a pill box, or written record.
    Oh, and the timer dosen't work for me, i still burn things. Now my kids come running, "Mom! Mom! the timer went off!!" Can you tell they've had burned food one time too many!

    Kat, your too funny and brave to share!LOL
    I know i've done things like that, but i can't remember right now.<<giggle>>

    Hey, angelkisses, i was handing out books with no name and phone number on them!!DUH! And, yes, i've forgotten to put in order too, or drove right by someones house without dropping of there order!!

    How many of you have a problem w/ your phone? i find mine in really weird places, good thing for the beeper or i wuld never find it!!

    If we can't laugh, we have to cry!! I would rather laugh!
    I'm not going to go back and check my typing, so sorry for any mistakes!!
  10. RockiAZ

    RockiAZ New Member

    Okay, had to answer the phone one... I do that too! I end up using my cell phone to call the house phone to find it - or the other way around.

    Guess all we can do is laugh, right?

    Live, LAUGH, Love,
  11. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I have plenty of mishaps myself,but I always laugh when I remember something my Mom did.

    She was wearing a blouse and slacks and went to her room to take off her bra. At the end of the day when she got undressed for her bath, she realized that instead of taking off her bra, she had put on another one. She had 2 bras on!!! Now if that doesn't beat all.
  12. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    That's a new one on me. Love it!
  13. AuntieV

    AuntieV Member

    You guys make me feel better!!!I am so glad (it is not just me)with some of my off the wall mishaps...on Friday I need
    to put gas in the car...stopped at a store I don't normally
    use...went in paid for $20.00 pump 3...Get outside...push
    every button on the tank....Getting more frustrated by the
    minute...finally go back in the store..tell the guy...the
    gas pump will not start pumping...he goes outside to the pump'am you need to raise the lever here...Boy was
    my face red....
  14. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    No I haven't Hootie, but many here have, just do a FFC search. I would really like to go, but not close to any.

    If you go keep us posted.
  15. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Don't worry about the oil one Fibrotart!, I've already done that in my cast iron skillet, smoked up the whole house!!!

    Sorry about your pan tho!

    It's nice to see you around again the last couple of days.

    So, what did you have for supper?LOL
  16. code34me

    code34me New Member

    Mornings are worse but it does happen at any time. I just sat down to look at message board after I had put my 3 year old sons allergie med. (liquid Zyrtec) in my coffe instead of his sippy cup (I mix it with Pediasure)! I realized it just after I poured it into my coffee cup and just stared at it in disbelief! Had to make a new cup and wasted a teasspoon of medication. But oh well at least I at the time I did it instead of later (trying to make myself feel better LOL)

    Have a good day all!
  17. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    That one is scary! We are just in such a funk sometimes!

    I feel like it takes my all day to wake up, then it's bedtime!
  18. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    A friends brother out something on to cook and fell asleep. A fire started and got out of control...

    It would not have been so bad if he had not kept his cooking oils in the cupboard right above the stove. This created a huge fire when he got to the oils.

    It was an expensive fire for sure, with all that was damaged and the smoke damage.

    So do not put highly inflamables by your stove.

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