"Mental Fog"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by espayton, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. espayton

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    I've had CFS since i was 14 years old, and now that im nearly 18 im doing everything i can to get prepared for the rest of my life. The physical ailments dont seem to get me down as much, but this mental fog has made almost all academic attempts futile.

    My question is how bad has the mental fog symptom been for you ? Have any of you found anything that helps it? I have a horrible time trying to concentrate. I seem to be drifting at all times. Im seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist at the moment to try anti-depressents and ADD medicine, but i'd like to hear that its worked for someone else as well.

    Thanks for the support!
  2. cczub

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    Some days are ok for me and others are downright horrible.... On the bad days I can't concentrate at all and my typing, let's just say thank God for spell check! On the bad days, like today, ALOT of my words that I type come out backwards.. Does becomes seod, and becomes dna... Also I'll have letter in the wrong spots. It's gotten so bad that I'll be halfway through a sentence and actually start it over in the middle!

    I'm not on any meds but was on Lexapro and Xanac, niether worked for any of my symptoms... How is your sleep?? I notice it's worst after a bad night of sleep and I'm drained from the moment I wake up!

  3. espayton

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    My sleep is quite good at the moment. Its definaly much worse if i cant get good sleep, but even when i do it doesnt seem to be functional. I cant seem to remember things, and even when i do they dissapear as fast as they were remembered. Its almost as though im incapable of processing information.
  4. HagerTX

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    A few weeks ago I wrote about my fog--I think mine is a bit different than other descriptions I've seen here. When I ws 26 I experienced something like a stroke, woke up with my skin mostly numb, I was seeing stars and felt mostly drunk. There was amnesia, cogitive, coordination problems and of course memory and concentration problems secondary to whatever happened.

    To date I still feel like there is ~3 drinks of alcohol in my system, combined with perhaps benadryl and low blood sugar. My mind does not work properly. i haven't found anything that really helps, per se. Coping has been difficult in recent years mainly because everything is surreal...so basically I've lived 8 years in the twilight zone. Only thing that may help me is getting good rest but it's hard to come by these days.

  5. NyroFan

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    My deepest regret with brain fog is that I am unable to read anymore. I used to whiz through a couple of books a week when I was working. Now, I am unable to get past a few pages.

    And my words will not come out exactly the way I want them.
    That is usually a sign I am overstressed, so I get some deep rest for that.

    I will wander into rooms to do something and then have to stand there for a minute to retrace my steps to remember what I went into the room to do.

    Brain fog is not fun, but like other things related to these diseaes I have accepted it as just another symptom.

    You, so young: keep battling where you are able to (good doctors, taking care of yourself) and rest and care as needed. Best of luck to you.

  6. morningsonshine

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    Please try stormyskyes shake. Search under the heading of, shake.
    I've tried it for 6 weeks, and i thought it was helping me, i felt more clear, and i actually WANTED to do things, even when tired.
    It is a bit of a hassle, but well worth it. I ran out of the ingredients for it this week, and had to go without for about 4 days before i could go to the store. I had the WORST mental fog day ever, i'm going to post about it.
    I'm back on the shake now and once again able to focus, even tho i'm tired.

    Try it, what do you got to lose? The ingredience is fairly cheap compared to other supplement.
  7. espayton

    espayton New Member

    I agree that one of the most annoying things about the mental fog is not being able to read anymore. I used to love fantasy novels, but i can't keep track of anything anymore. I can't remember characters names. I'll give that shake a try, like you said "what have I got to loose?"

    Thanks for the support :)
  8. espayton

    espayton New Member

    Thank you so much for the information! It sheds a whole new light onto my understanding, and makes perfect sence.
  9. espayton

    espayton New Member

    I've gotten my Good Enough Degree (G.E.D) since after the first 2 years of sickness. I had'nt even thought about social security, this is a good time to look into it. I've been increasingly worried lately about my ability to provide financial support for me and my soon to be wife in a year and a half when we move out :-/

    For some reason I've decided i like the health and fitness feilds (personal trainer, martial arts) =P