Mental health specialists backing you on disability claim

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shylo, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. shylo

    shylo New Member

    I was wondering how much weight SSA and the ALJ holds towards mental health specialists backing you up on your disability claim if your other doctors are not sure about you being 100% disabled.Does SSA consider the psychologial problems that alot of us face as consaquences.I have been DX with panic disorder,anxiety and multiple learning disabilitys.I had a psychological evaluation done which consisted of the Wechsler AbbreviatedScale of Itelligence and I am ashamed to state my score because it was borderline for intellectual functioning.I have always known that I was different and alot slower than everyone else but my learning disabilitys were never much of a problem to me before now.I was able to work around them and do normal work for the most part because I have alot of common sense just not educated past the 11th grade.I am a poor candidate for any return to any kind of formal education as the psychologist had said.Will this make my disability case a strong case or will SSA tell me that there is a job out there that I can do as unskilled work.Any suggestions will help.
  2. PepperGirl52

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    told me to utilize the mental health staff as much as possible!! He also said that some judges still don't believe in fibro, etc, BUT that having the mental health factor is a very strong factor in winning your case.

    And, he was right! It made a huge difference for me to have two different psychologists on board, agreeing that I should not be working! PG
  3. shylo

    shylo New Member

    Thank You Donnaeil,pg,and gigi for answering these hard questions for me.I don't know alot about how SSA looks at information on us but I want to hear from everyone here who has been there,done that with SSA and are now getting what they are intitled to from SSA.Another question would be does SSA only look at a doctors opions or do they take into consideration notes from ARNP's and licensed mental or clinical social workers.My therapist for mental counceling does all sessions and is the one who diagnosed these disorders and she is a LCSW or LMSW but she is qualified to diagnose and treat mental disorders.The psychologist was the one who did the psyh evalation but they will both back me up on disability.Thanks again for the info.
  4. ReillyRaccoon

    ReillyRaccoon New Member

    We all know that disability is a B__ch!
    I was denied disability twice and have to sue.
    I applied for SSDI and was interviewed by a psychologist that SS hired.
    He confirmed that I had CFIDS/Fibro but this is not what is going to get me on disability. You have to have a health care professional be willing to stand up for you and say that you are "disabled" by SS's definition and specifically say that you are not able to perform any work of any kind. Just saying that you have a panic disorder or anxiety is NOT going to get you on disability. A doctor or psychologist has to say that you cannot perform any work of any kind for any length of time due to x, y and z. If someone is in a wheelchair, they are technically not "disabled" because they can answer phones or whatever.
    Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck!
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  5. shylo

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    I stated that I also had a psych eval done which was a state IQ test.I also have written evidence from psych dr what this test means including will not be able to multi-task work,weakness in being able to double checkmy work,or be able to have a high degree of accuracy in task completion.Which means any work for me.Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  6. lenasvn

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    To have this backed up by the fact that you have problems learning new things is a double whammy. You have a very strong case.

  7. rachel432

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    i think this is kind of sad in a wasy that over the time i've been on this board i seem to notice that people have an easier time getting their ssdi approved for psych reasons then the physical problems they have. i've been noticing that so many of us have both physical and psych dx's but i think it's terrible that the government doesn't seem to recognize the physical pain and fatigue as much. not only do our friends, and families have a hard time accepting what we go through but so does the government.
    this bites.

    i know i'm not at the point of needing ssdi yet, but i also know it's not that far off. i'm not going to have to stop working because i mentally can't handle it, but because i physically can't. yet i now know that in order to ever get approvel i'm going to have to rely on my psych diagnosis instead of what the real problem is. i guess it's good that i have a good shrink.
  8. shylo

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    It is sad that SSA does not look at the fatigue and pain for disability.The reason why I had to give up my job was not because of the mental aspect of not being able to do it but because of the pain and fatigue.The mental health issue has just been the last few months.I should of started going through mental health a long time ago but in not doing so I have really bad issues now.My therapist told me that the mind and body are connected whether the mental issue was first or the FMS it all goes together.Each of our symptoms will make others worse and everyone is not the same,we all react differntly and what started out for me was severe pain and fatigue that turned into something that is out of my control.I do feel for you and hope that you get answers soon.

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