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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jewelz, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. Jewelz

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    I know its been at least a month since Ive managed to post here. I went to my phycotrist a couple days ago and he put me on lexapro and trileptal. With fibro I find it hard to sleep from daily depression and nerve *spasms* aggervation and the list goes on =). Anyways I am having such a horrible time sleeping on these meds, he told me the trileptal would help me sleep to take it at night. Which I didnt go to bed last night til five am and had to get back up at eight and that just about kills me. The less sleep I get the worse the fibro gets. Im kinda at a stone wall because I have been allergic or have had problems with anti-depressant/anxiety/mood stablizers. Ive had to result taking my bp med with my trileptal to countereact the flucuation that it puts on my vitals. I have been able to fix that problem. I just cant find any way of falling asleep any suggestions? This coming saturday hes upping my trileptal to 150mg's and wonder if that will help me fall asleep easier since the dose is alittle stronger.

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    What kind of doc are you seeing? The only use I can recall seeing Trileptal prescribed is for a specific type of seizure normally found in children.

    Researchers have definately found a link between FMS and petit mal seizures and thus the relief some of us have gotten from taking neurotin for instance.

    Have you tried taking over-the-counter diphenhydramate or doxy(something)?

    I have no trouble with being "sleepie" quite the converse but I do take anti-anxiety meds toward evening, which have a settling effect. I do hope you get some help. CactusLil'
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    I used to have a great deal of trouble sleeping also. Dr. prescribd ambien, which kept me asleep all night, and the following day as well. What works for me is Sonota. I have always had very unuasal reactions to sleep aids, and this seems to work best with the least side effects. I still only get 4 hours sleep per night, but its 4 more than I was getting before. Good Luck to you!
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    Hi. I am seeing a shrink. Sorry I couldnt spell the word right in the sentence. To lazy to look at the dictionary *grin*. No this is not to treat seizures, thank god I dont have them. I am being treated for depression, anxiety, and very mild bipolar. I think the purpose for the trileptal is to treat depression/anxiety. I guess the side effect is tiredness (most common) the bottle says it may induce sleepyness. Which is not working so well as you can tell. Which has a huge impact on the fibro. I have not tried anything for sleep except remoron (which is great, but I had strange dreams *yes its a side effect* more of the horror types =(.. I also have tried tylenol sleep aid which doesnt work all to well.

    You aint wrong I was on klotopin. My gosh, my bp went up so high my meds couldnt control it. I was up til 4am cleaning cracks in the floor with a toothbrush. Good thing i halfed the pill and it was only 1 mg. I was so close to visiting the ER that night. It left me pretty shook up. The Neurtron you wrote of what is that for? My husband is on that, and there is some here.. Course he does not take them like he should.
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    Have you tried 'Melatonin' to fall asleep? I have been taking it for years. It is OTC and works well. I take 3 milligrams right before bedtime and fall asleep within a half hour.

    Do ask your pharmacist/doctor if its alright to take with the meds you are on.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Lane- I didnt know that could cause such problems. I will sure tell him. Thats really scary and real shocking! I will make a point infront of him and his doctor because he needs to know as well. Im sure he would find it as shocking as I did. I know I have done that with my meds before and it was you all that told me it could be bad (others that has had bp problems here) I am now taking them regular and find it helping.

    Shirl- Yes I have tried melatonia (when they first came out with it) and yes it did work. It scares me to mix them together, but I guess it would not hurt to ask them if I could. My mom had to have nitroglicrin however you spell it from to many viatimins. That might be why I get scared, but would be very willing if I was given reassurance. I never thought about it and appreciate for suggesting it (my memory is bad *grin*)