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    Consider the following:

    Think of yourself not in terms of your problems. Instead, identify yourself with your most promising possibilities.

    Think of yourself not in terms of your regrets or disappointments. Instead, consider all the valuable and useful lessons you've learned.

    The way you picture yourself has a powerful effect on the reality of your life. And you can picture yourself any way you choose.

    Picture yourself expressing the best that is within you. Picture yourself living fully, loving sincerely, giving gladly, and bringing unique value to each moment.

    Picture yourself as the joyful, creative and effective person you know you can be. Picture yourself dancing swiftly and successfully past each challenge and limitation.

    You hold in your mind a mental picture of yourself. The quality and substance of that picture make all the difference in the actions you take and the results you get.

    Make that picture brilliantly superb, and your life will follow right along.

    -- Ralph Marston

  2. elliespad

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    What a beautiful dream. I shall try to make that my reality.Thank you.
  3. sues1

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    And Thanks......we need reminders now and then to keep on keeping on......and make life the best we can...

  4. Shannonsparkles

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    Early into becomming bedridden, I decided that I could at least control how I thought of myself. Whenever I would do the least little thing (or what I used to think of as 'little,' anyway) I would say to myself, very loudly and dramatically, "For I am Super Shannon, Hero of my own story, Master of my own destiny!" Really perked things up. :)
  5. onedaymagpie

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    Ellie and Sue - This struck a cord when I came across it. I used to be better at keeping that positive mental thing going and need to work on getting it back!

    Shannon - good for you - I love it, Super Shannon!

    Wendy - I used to do a similar thing, tell myself happy, positive stories to fall asleep to, but the TV has become a bad habit that I am working on breaking.

    Cheers to you all.