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    Although I've had fibro for 10-15 years, I've been very fortunate to have had lighter symptoms than many others. I have the world's best husband and a wonderful working environment with dear friends. However, I've recently become aware that I am using vicious tones of voice with customers and all of the above. (Yes, I've experienced additional stress as all of us have from the economic condition. I'm dropping all those balls I've been juggling for so many years.)

    When I first became aware I had fibro I was so very relieved to know that my mother's symptoms, that everyone had thought were mental problems and change of life, were in reality, Fibro. My mother, a normally sweet person would stay in her room to avoid being so short tempered with all of us and so verbally "snappy".

    Is that truly one of the symptoms that go along with Fibro, or do I need to pursue other possiblities? I cannot bear to be causing everyone so much pain. I'm so fortunate to have friends that can talk with me when I'm calm and keep trying to get thru to me.

    Anyone that can give me insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    I have heard of many people who become depressed with fibro, lupus, RA, etc. but snappy is a lot different. I have back injuries and am in a electric scooter and have lupus and go through the lupus flares and really severe back pain, and I get depressed. But I attend several local support groups and being snappy there just isn't allowed and they insist you behave yourself. In fact, I have a service animal that helps me with pain management so I don't have to take pain pills and being snappy would drive off the animal and I would lose their help. Being snappy at a job is also a way of losing it. So being snappy really has no advantages and has more disadvantages.

    Because your mother was known to be short tempered and snappy with fibro doesn't mean it is inherited--but it can be learned and I think you learned to associate fibro with automatically being snappy.

    That you recognize you are causing others so much pain, as you said, means you have to stop it and need help NOW to work out of it. It's time to talk to someone, either your pastor or priest, or a therapist to figure out what's at the bottom of this. But as of today, you have to tell yourself that snappy is not okay and hurts people so you have to start making a concerted effort to stop it. If you have to put peppermint candy in your mouth or gum to remind you to watch your words, then get started today. Because you're hurting your loved ones and it takes a long time to take away that hurt. And if you lose your job, the job market is not very good out there. So I wish you the best of luck on this and with some hard work you can break this. Good luck and many hugs.

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