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  1. kadeedidit

    kadeedidit New Member

    I have dry eyes which is related to fibromyalgia, which as we all know is caused by the malfunctioning immune system. This has also lead to mild lupus and some sjogrens syndrome problems. I have real dry eyes. I read on here somewhere that you could use mentholatum in your eyes. Does anyone know anything about this? I'd try it if I thought it would help.
    How does everyone cope with all these problems. I've been coping for years but i'm running out of power. What keeps me going is a little 2 year old that needs her grandma. If it wasn't for her i'd give up the fight.
    Anybody know any good doctors in Missouri?
  2. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    wouldn't that burn?
    I get dry eyes and use OTC eye drops.
    For more severe case, they have prescription Restasis.
    I'm thinking you mean the active ingrediant in vapor rub, maybe I misunderstood.:)

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