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    MeoChow, yes I'm out of Atlanta, approximately 220 miles North near Huntsville Alabama. And the trips are very trying on me. In order to get two I'V's when I go each week, I just spend the night. I really want to be aggressive with this protocol and truly believes it will bring my health to a newer level.

    Guess I'll just keep going until I feel I'm in a remission state. Probably will be 8 months to a year. My husband is very supportive with the fiancial side and wants me to get better.

    Hopefully, things will go along as expected and God will provide the means for us to continue on with the financial aspect of the treatments.

    In answer to our question as to whether I'm any better. I was really feeling great with the 4 - 5 weeks of I.V.'s until my blood work came back and I began tretment for Epstein Barr on Tueday which has put me into "Herxing" which is a die-off of the virus. I'm willing to endure whatever inorder to get my body rid of the infections that is making me so fatigued/sick with CFS/Fibro. (the catch-all names) for what is really going on in our bodies. At least I now know what has been wrong with me for over 13 years............

    Wish you the best with your treatment and hope to meet you soon.

    God Bless,

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