mercury amalagams anyone feel better?

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    after you had them removed? I hear convincing arguments for both ways, leave em or take em and I can't decide what to do. have a couple left but a lot of them are gone as they get replaced or crowns......funny thing is I don't think the dentists took big precautions on my behalf when they took them out....and I didnt know better to ask at the time.

    anyway, want to hear your story.
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    Hi simone,

    you may have already seen my threads but amalgams can be harmful if they start to leak or even just by being there, chewing or breathing the vapours in.

    However, if you don't have them remoed correctly then it's best not to have them removed at all. I had mine done both ways and haing them removed incorrectly the first time is what I believe to have been the start of my cfs on top of fibro.

    If you only have a couple then if it was me I would remove them but safely - I can't emphasize that enough - if you are scared of dentists - have them removed under IV sedation. Apparenlty hving them removed under IV conscious sedation also means that you can have them removed in any order and al at once - all over in one appointment. I had 6 removed that way. I also asked the doc to give me a vit C drip.

    Read the huggins protocol. If you are concerned you may have mercury posioning then also read Andrew Cutler's protocol. He also has a book called Amalgam illness which is very good.

    I had mine removed about 6 weeks ago and so far the only benefit I have seen is my gums have stopped bleeding which can be a sign of mercury poisning. I knew there was something wrong as they bled no matter what I did regarding cleaning and even continued after oral hygienist appointments fr the last 2 yrs and then as soon as they were out about 2 weeks after - no bleeding and they healed.

    I am on chelation right now so will have a while before I see benefits as I still have a lot of mercury in my body.

    Also check you don't have any amagams under your crowns - they can usually tell by x-ray I believe.

    The good thing by having them removed safely is that you know you arent poisoning yourself anymore by your own mouth.

    They also found some decay under one of my fillings so was also lucky in a way I had them removed as they had been there some time so I feel like I have a new mouth now - it looks better too without silver!

    Its entirely your choice of course but I would choose to do the same thing agian whether or not I believed I had some mercury poisoning as at some stage it may cause damage.

    Let us know your decision.

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    I had mine removed about 10 years ago. I don't really remember if special precautions were taken or not. I think I had 7 or 8 fillings and it was done in a couple of appointments. I have a terrible memory. The only thing I know is I didn't feel any different afterwards, better or worse.

    I assume it's a good thing to have them removed, with the right precautions, as any time you get toxins out of your body it should help your body. But my health didn't seem to improve, or get worse, afterwards.

    Hopefully others will have more info for you --

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    all removed but I don't feel better. I'm happy that they are out and who knows where I would be now if they were still in but as most of the time with this illness I cannot give definite answers.
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    thanks you guys, and I don't remember most of your stories so doublethanks, thats why I wanted a thread just on this topic to have it in one place (I have only been at this board for a couple months).
    no easy answers.
    lately I do wonder if going deeper into all the healing protocols turns into this maze of no return....d@*mned if you do....and if you don't. But I hold out hope for all of us, so much we don't understand, who knows how it will all play out.
    thx again!
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    I had to have them removed because the enamel was falling apart in my molars and I had a lot of sensitivity from the metal. They had been in since childhood.

    I had onlays and caps put onto my molars. I really do believe it was a part of my feeling better.

    A part of the whole puzzle. I can now eat without pain and for me, that's worth it. I can also laugh and people don't see black in my molars anymore.

    I went into debt, but it's almost paid off after years of paying on it through a finance plan at my dentist's office.