Mercury amalgam fillings... any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Slim7771, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. Slim7771

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    Does anyone have thoughts or experiences concerning the toxicity of mercury amalgam fillings (from the vapor), tests to detect the toxin in the body, and the effects of having the fillings replaced? Thanks!
  2. sb439

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    for 'mercury', there has been a lot of discussion on this. there are different tests, some can be dangerous. there are also many websites, e.g. look up holistic dentistry, or mercury free dentistry, mercury toxicity, in your search engine. some CFIDSers are certainly mercury toxic (me for instance) and this is likely to contribute to one's lack of well-being, but how much seems to differ from person to person. (Some people with CFIDS like symptoms have fully recovered after they had all mercury removed from their body.)
  3. popgun

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    Who had been diagnoised with MS, had all the fillings removed, she said she felt 100% better all MS syms gone???????????
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    My CFS doc really believes in having them taken out. I plan to do it as I have a whole mouth full of amalgams. He gave me the names of 2 dentists who are qualified to take out the old ones then they run tests to see what the best type of filling is for my body.

  5. Slim7771

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    Yes, there is a special protocol for removing and replacing the fillings... check out IAOMT protocol on search engine. Can also find the rare dentist that uses it that way.