Mercury/Amalgam Fillings Controversy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fkm, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. fkm

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    Hey folks

    Curious as to how many on the boards have gotten (or are considering) removal of mercury (amalgam) fillings with a view to improving CFS symptoms?

    For those that had them removed, how many improved and by how much?

    There is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there regarding a positive outcome though larger epidemiological studies have not found any association between mercury fillings and fatigue, neurological deficits etc...
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  2. TxMissy

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    Hey there! It is interesting that you posted this! I was coming on here to post on this very same issue! Please go and read my post "mercury poisoning". Have you seen the video before? It just amazes me how it is kept so "hushed up" and ignored!! They do that so they don't get all the lawsuits that would come from not making it known!!! They will have to face up to the music someday!!! I think that we have very many friends here on this message board who are affected by this!!!

    I have a friend who had all previous dental work removed and/or redone and prior to the work was a very sick person (and knows of others who were the same) This person is doing FANTASTIC!!! now and has only small issues compared to what life use to be like!!! It completely changed this persons life, and for the better!!! Way Better!!!

    I am waiting on my blood work to come back, but will be starting this dental removal process probably within the next month regardless of what the blood work shows (do not rely 100% on this)! When I read over the symptoms lists (which is long) for mercury poisoning I was shocked over all that it did affect and more shocked that I had approx: 3/4 or more of the lists of symptoms!!!

    Do the ones who keep this hushed realize that this is life altering information here!!! ????? I just don't get it!!! There are many who are depressed and suicidal over their illness(s) and how their lives have completely turned around! I am one of them!!!

    If you haven't read and/or researched into this, please do!! In my post I have offered some suggestions!! It only took me seconds to decide what to do with info, only delayed that long was do to the shock of it!!! I cried probably for about 24 hrs over this and kept wondering WHY no one has brought this up to me before or even randomly test me for it!!!


    LISALOO New Member

    I got my fillings removed early on in the process, I was sick about 1 1/2 years. I had about 10 fillings, I gold crown. I got all that cleaned up.

    I did do DMSA, my hair tests show such a small amout of mercury in my hair it didn't register.

    I'm poorer, but no better. I do have whiter teeth though!
  4. fkm

    fkm New Member

    Yeah, a bit of duplication with this thread alright.

    TxMissy, I'd be cautious about doing a lot of these tests. I come from a medical background and Mercury toxicity is not a straightforward issue - it's rare you're going to get a test that will provide an indication of pathology.

    Furthermore, simply having an elevated level is not an indication of toxicity. The fact remains that most people with fillings will have an elevated mercury level but do NOT have symptoms. Toxicity depends on many things: dose, form of mercury, duration of exposure etc. The symptoms you see branded around the internet are also inaccurate, the real symptoms are a lot more specific. Furthermore, the reality is that the levels of mercury released from amalgam are well below the safety limits from occupational exposure. However, the question I ask is whether there is a subset of the population who have a genetic predisposition to mercury sensitivity.

    Perhpas with that in mind, most relevant is thus looking for tests that try and determine if the metal is causing toxicity. The main ones I have come across are the Porphyrin and Melisa tests. The former looks for subtle changes in Haemoglobin etc and the latter looks at lymphocyte (immune system) sensitivity to mercury. Thing is that these tests (in Europe) costs nearly as much as getting your fillings replaced!

    Finally, it is natural to seek out a magic bullet solution and Mercury is certainly a tempting one. However, as mentioned, studies have so far failed to find any association between CFS and Amalgam.

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  5. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Did you know that eating a tuna sandwich could be more dangerous than having amalgam fillings? The mercury in amalgam is in the form of metallic mercury which is the least toxic form. The mercury in tuna fish is methyl mercury which is far more toxic and readily absorbed than metallic mercury. Eating one tuna (albacore) sandwich has ten times the amount of mercury than is released from amalgam fillings in a day.
  6. sydneysider

    sydneysider Member

    I had my amalgums removed more than 20 years ago. It made no noticeable difference to my health. I am Fm.

    I doubt that amalgum is ideal for optimal health, I think plastic is the better choice. However, I don't see any evidence that amalgums are in any way a cause of CFS, or FM.

    There may be some people who are allergic or sensitive to the amalgum fillings, these may be the ones who get a dramatic change from getting their fillings replaced.

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