mercury amalgam fillings

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  1. Slim7771

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    I've seen some very sobering info on the net about mercury amalgam fillings. I wonder if they might not be one more source of toxicity for those of us with weakened systems. Anyone benefited from having theirs removed? Btw, avoid them, if you can. And, if you have one removed or replaced, be sure to have it done using the IAOMT protocol.
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  2. VickyB

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    This is probably a silly question, what is IAOMT protocol??
  3. LisaMay

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    I work with a woman who has FM and had all her mercury fillings removed and replaced with porcelain. She swears that is the reason she feels as good as she does.

    I personally have 6 mercury fillings and am planning on how to get my insurance to pay for the replacements. They are all over 20 years old and don't last forever.

    I'll be curious to see the responses. Lisa
  4. Slim7771

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    Oh, this protocol came from Canada, and involves precautions such as oxygen mask, etc. to protect patient from mercury vapor. Only the rare dentist uses it, but I think that will change.
  5. karen55

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    has had many health problems including systemic yeast, colon removal (yes, removed - it was totally inactive), major food allergies. She has been doing many things the past 2 years to try and regain her health, and one of the things she recently did was have all of her 30 y/o fillings removed and replaced with porcelain ones. If I could afford to do it now, I would too.
  6. pamj

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    My doctor suggested that I have mine removed too. She sent me to a dentist who understands the importance of doing it correctly! They use the rubber dams, oxygen, etc. Also, after each removal, I need to go to my doctors office for a IV (I can't remember what they put in it, I'll find out next week if anyone wants to know) to help flush out the toxins.

    My dentist sells a book called "whole body dentistry". It is so interesting that I read it through in one night. It really makes you question a LOT! You can check out their webpage by looking up the book title on yahoo.

    I know that many of my doctor's patients have benefited from having this done. She feels that mercury toxicity can be a big factor in many CFS patients.

    I wonder if I got sick because I had a lot of fillings removed (improperly!) just a few months before I got sick.

    If only we knew this stuff many years ago!!

    take care,
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  7. dojomo

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    Amalgams aren't our only source of mercury exposure, It in our air, food, pharmacueticals, water, cosemetics........ The government is working now on decreasing our exposure.......Till then....(I can't afford removal of amalgams right now)...But I am doing these things that have improved my health......

    A natural chelating supplement (OTC) is Aloha-lipoc Acid .....Research it....I started taking it recently.

    I also ONLY drink water filtered thru activated absorbs all of the mercury and other heavy metals.

    I won't eat any fish...40 states now have fish advisories.

    I also take magneseium, calcium. zinc, B-complex, and selenium.

    I also take olive leaf extract, it has been proven effective against mycoplasmas....

    Mercury is used as a perservative because it has ability to kill most microbes and bacteria. I have learned that Candida is mercury resistant and I suspect that mycoplasma is mercury resistant as well... therefore we are susceptible to opportunistic infections like these.

    If the government thinks ALL forms of mercury exposure is harmful...than I have to assume my mouth full of amalgams are as well....till they come out...these supplements have helped me.......DJ
  8. Slim7771

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    Enjoyed reading everyone's responses about mercury. Does anyone have any good leads about getting tested for mercury in the body? Hair, blood, urine analysis?

    Also, I read that DMSA is a very effective oral means of removing mercury... better than the intravenous method... but is available only by prescription.

    Recommended book... "It's All in Your Head" by Dr. Hal Huggins

    Some people may want to check the net under... "mercury-free dentists" to get help. Good luck!
  9. lunabella

    lunabella New Member

    i had about 1/2 of mine removed, a few years ago when i had enough money to take myself to the dentist for a few long-overdue, catch-up appts! there's still a couple in there, but i don't feel any better (in fact, i feel worse- but not that that's the cause)

    from what i understand, mercury does not really "come off" from the fillings, and even though it's not the greatest idea to have an extremely toxic substance in your mouth, there are far worse sources of mercury toxidity (i.e., environmental). of course for the dentists/dental assistants who are/were exposed to the actual mercury dust on a regular basis, the risk for them was probably far greater, although i'm not aware of any studies that were actually done, on the long-term effects to their health?

    as for mercury in fish-- the general ruling is- don't eat big fish like shark or swordfish, or anything that is too big to fit (as a whole piece) in your frying pan... since mercury has an accumulation effect (from small fish being eating by bigger fish, being eaten by bigger fish, etc..) so try to go for the smaller ones, like cod, flounder, tilapia, etc. but if you do eat the big fish, at least don't eat the fat (under the skin) or try to cook most of it off, since that's where heavy metals are stored. also, light canned tuna is better than white.