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    The more I research, I find more symptoms pointing to mercury toxicity. Reference:

    The best way to check for mercury is a DMSA challenge test. A chelation doctor has you take some DMSA tablets and checks for mercury in the urine.

    The "challenge" and treatment cost ~$3000. Ouch. I'm unemployed right now.

    I had tried DMSA 100mg every other day BEFORE I was diagnosed with EBV and CMV viruses -> CFS. I was feeling better with it. But since discovering the viruses, I decided it was best to treat those first.

    After 7 months of Transfer Factor + herbal treatments, I've hit a cold stone wall at feeling better. I'm wondering if I shouldn't try chelating mercury out again.

    Anyone else find any help while chelating?
    Has anyone else been chelated?

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    I don't think it has to cost $3,000 for a mercury detox. Do a search on this board for "mercury detox protocol" posted by Research (username for Rich Carson). He credits a lot of his recovery to a mercury detox and he tells what he did.

    I think if you were feeling better doing chelation, then do it. You can use chlorella and cilantro (read the above post) among other things. Also, if you have mercury in your system poisoning you, then it's going to adversely affect your immune system. So if you get the mercury out, your immune system might be able to tackle the viruses in your body.

    Also, I had a chiropractor tell me about a product called Metal-Free which is suppsoed to bind to mercury and prevent it from being reabsorbed by the body. Like everything, it is quite expensive, and I don't know if it works. You can read about it on the web.

    I was going to start a mercury detox after January 1, partly because of Rich Carson's post, and because I've tried everything else and I did have a lot of amalgam fillings (which were removed about 6 or 7 years ago), but in the meantime my doctor had me do an impedance cardiography test (see current post re this) and so I'm concentrating on that. But after that settles out, and I get on that regimen, then I am going to do some detoxing on my own using chlorella and cilantro and maybe the Metal-Free.

    Last year I tried taking chlorella and had a very strong reaction to it. I don't think I was allergic, and rather think I hvae a whole lot of toxins in my body so it was too strong. I'm hoping if I get stronger on the protocol my doctor prescribes after the impedance cardiograph, then it will be easier to do a detox.

    I do think you may be on the right track with a mercury detox, and if I were you, I would keep on it. But I don't think you have to spend a small fortune to do it. I know when I took chlorella (and other cleansing products), I react very strongly. I don't need a doctor's test to tell me I have toxins in my body.

    Keep us posted if you do decide to do more detoxing. Also, Swanson Vitamins on-line is a good place for buying supplements, much cheaper than health food stores (and they do have chlorella)

  3. romanshopper

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    I crave lemons. I have for a long time. I eat least 1-2 a day and it is weird but I want them in all my food and drinks and water. I also go through a lot of lemon juice in addition to the fruit itself. now this is weird b/c it has only been since I have had fibro that I've craved lemons.

    Well, the other night DS looked up lemons somewhere and said that they can be used as a chelation agent.

    Made me wonder.

    I did have an incident a long time ago - when I was 20 or so? Where I did not know that mercury was toxic and I played with some for a very long time - maybe an hour. It was so facinating. I had found a jar of it someplace.
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    I was wondering what's the difference between DMSA and EDTA. Is one for Mercury and the other for Lead? There is a company called detoxamin (dot com) that claims their product can chelate heavy metals as good as IV's. I was just wondering if anyone has tried their EDTA suppositories? I was thinking about trying it, because it costs way less than IV treatments. But I don't know if EDTA is even for mercury.
  5. victoria

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    I did a 24 hour urine provocation test using the dmsa and found I was high on mercury. No surprise as I'd had a crooked dentist while in HS and ended up with a filling in every tooth.

    I chelated at home using ~blanking on the name of it~ for 3 months, 3 weeks on and 1 week off.......... then repeated the provocation test, and I was ok.

    This was about 5 years ago so don't remember the price exactly, but I know it was less than $1,000 - probably more like $500 for everything actually.

    While I felt better WHILE chelating orally, I went back to feeling the same once it was done... why -I have no idea! I also did have all my merc fillings removed last year by a merc-free dentist since I needed repair work anyway... and still didn't feel any different.

    BUT I think it all helps to strengthen my immune system even tho I didn't see immediate results ... and obviously since I WAS high on mercury to start, it was a VERY good thing to get rid of.


  6. AllWXRider

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    Dr. Ralph Cinque emailed me that DMSA is the best for mercury and EDTA is best for lead.

    I've only found one place that sells DMSA:
    45 caps $40 100mg
    You get 10% off if you mentions Dr. Cinque's name!

    This is the stuff that I'd tried in the beginning. It DID help.

    I think it was a Dr. Cranton's website [isn't brain fog wonderful?] that mentioned that ["mercury & lead come out slowly. For one thing, our bones breathe minerals, so chelation is a long, continuous process. The good news is that you should start feeling better right away"]

    [" "] means that I'm paraphrasing what I remembered.

    Thanks for the posts, DMSA is on order and I'll update everyone.

    Yes, lemons & limes are very refreshing. I've found that running a lemon through my Juiceman juicer over ice water is fantastic! I installed a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter from Home Depot ~$200 and the water tastes great!
    Removes chlorine, fluorine and gargia+cysts... Saves a bundle from bottled water. Hey, the teenagers like it too.
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    you might want to check out the yahoo adult chelation message group.

    Personally, I'm at all sea on the subject.

    I'd like to try something mild such as chlorella but then I heard that cheney said some forms of chlorella contain mercury.

    .and the view from Andy Hall Cutler is that chlorella can actually drop mercury .. so it's not reliable as a chelator.

    Ouf..Unsure what to do...

    I think the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) people say that if you get rid of the viruses, the mercury takes care of itself,, but i'm just repeating second-hand information.. someone quoting Jill St. John of the DAN group.

    I suppose I should buy her book..

    It's such a huge learning curve.. but you gotta do it.

  8. AllWXRider

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    When he gets spooked he splits in 5 directions.

    I'm going to decrease my dose of TF from 2 down to 1 cap/ day. Then add DMSA to my regime.

    Dr. Ward Dean recommends 100mg 3X daily on alternate days. DMSA chelates zinc and copper too. On the alternate days take a good mineral supplement.

    A 5 week session is recommended, although months may be required.

    I remember after taking the first capsule, my kidneys hurt badly. This was a sure sign of toxicity and to just slow down. I could only take 1/day.

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