mercury chelation problem

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  1. virtuoso

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    I am expecting my order of Zeolite to arrive any day now so that I could start
    my mercury chelating treatment.

    Zeolite was strongly recommended to me by my doctor and after doing some research about it I myself was feeling pretty excited about it.

    But now I really don’t know what to do.

    I had all of my Amalgam dental fillings removed over 15 years ago. None of the proper precautions were taken and in the process I got to be exposed to quite a lot mercury vapors and even swallowed some pieces.

    Later, the same dentist also put in two porcelain fused to the metal crowns. I was told at the time that the metal being used was gold.

    After I called him this morning, he sent me a fax listing all the metals that were used in my crowns. They are mainly gold with some palladium, indium, platinum and gallium mixed in.

    I really don’t know what to do now. Do I keep these crowns and go on with the chelation or should I replace them first again?! What do I replace them with? I just learned that porcelain, for example has aluminum oxide in it. Does it leach out or not –nobody knows.

    I am so confused at this point and could use a lot of advice. The money is so tight and Zeolite is quite expensive.

    I am open to any ideas.

    Many thanks.

  2. mbofov

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    I too am interested in doing a mercury detox. I had all my fillings removed 6 or 7 years ago, I don't remember exactly when, but I don't think any particular safeguards were taken.

    I don't know if zeolite works or not. However, I just went to a website wehre it's sold (drzeolitedetox - but there are several sites out there) and someone asked a question very similar to yours - here it is:

    "If Natural Cellular Defense™ (the zeolite product) removes foreign metal ions from the body, can it attack fillings, hip replacements or breast implants?

    "Absolutely not. The mechanism by which Natural Cellular Defense™ removes heavy metals from the body is entirely passive and so it can only remove metal ions that are in free solution. There is no way that it can pull mercury, for example, from fillings, titanium from hip replacements or silicon from breast implants."

    So it sounds like it should not affect your crowns. I have some crowns too, and can't afford to replace the. fillings. Too bad all these products (like zeolite) are so expensive!

    I also suggest you read a post by Rich Carson (I think he has the username Research), in which he describes how he did his mercury detox. It's very informative.

    Let us know how it goes with the zeolite!

  3. cobie

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    I dont know about your crowns.... A lot of the time we feel like guinnea pigs.....No one seems to know? the more research, the less becomes exact? Im hoping to recieve a trial size of zeolite to do a urinary challenge to actually see if it pulls any heavy metal out.... I know dmsa pulls metals out as ive done a challenge for that! I will let you know how it goes.... Good luck let us know how you go..........cheers cobie
  4. deliarose

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    the yahoo adult metal chelation group.
    Andy Hall Cutler (author of Amalgam Illness) was talking about this product the other day.

  5. virtuoso

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    about joining the Yahoo group. I am now awaiting approval from the group owner.

    Do you know how long does it usually take to get one?

    Best wishes,


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  6. AllWXRider

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    Common mineral that absorbs certain other minerals like calcium. When its saturated, it can be recycled using common rock salt. That's from my college chemistry class. Zeolite is cheap.

    Dr Andrew Cutler is a Ph.D. chemist. He says that it doesn't work.

    If you look on emedicine and any doctor's PDR, it will list all the known working chelators. Zeolite is not on the list.

    I'm using DMSA. Lots of info and a 50 year safety record.
    I get mine from 1to1vitamins.
  7. virtuoso

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    Thank you so much for your reply.

    It really made me feel so much better now.

    I just got of the phone with the customer service rep. from Wiora – the company that makes the NDC Ziolite, and she also assured me of the same thing.

    She suggested to me, though, that eventually it would be even more beneficial for my health to get rid of these two crowns altogether.

    For now, I am still going to research it a little bit further. I will let you know what I will find out.

    Thank you again,

  8. virtuoso

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    Thank you for sharing your concerns about using it.

    My doctor was the one who directed me to several studies on the effect of Zeolite.

    I am sure that if you google it, you will be able to read them yourself and get more information that way.

    I have a severe osteopenia and my doctor would not have been recommending zeolite to me if it could in any way be harmful to me in that way.

    Hereis a little bit more about it:

    “The liquid zeolite is specifically formulated to be charge and reaction specific in a ‘specific reactivity series’, meaning there are a low affinity for calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc., and a high affinity for lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium.

    This is the good news in comparison to many oral and IV chelation protocols that can be compromising for osteoporotic individuals. More good news is that the zeolites are excreted with the adsorbed metallic cations maintaining isotonicity, or same ‘tone’ as compared to other fluids in the body. This means there is no dumping, re-intoxicating, or trapping of the metal ions on their way out and the liver, kidney (particularly) and bowel are uncompromised.”

    I am still trying to learn more about it, though and I appreciate all and any information that anybody has for me.

    Best wishes,