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    I received several letters in response to last week's Founders Corner and have not had a chance to return all of them. Perhaps I can answer some questions here regarding my mercury protocol.

    I have no doubt that mercury toxicity can play a major role in causing CFS and I am quite certain that it was a significant factor in the pathogenesis of my CFS. Please check out my article on the 10/11/06 Founder’s Corner for details on my story. A few things you should know about mercury: it is ubiquitous and is commonly found in seafood, in most dental fillings (amalgams), and even in the environment. Plus, once absorbed into the body, mercury has a half life of about 35 years—meaning that it takes the average person’s body 35 years to remove half of the mercury load it had at the time of exposure. That’s a long time to have a potentially lethal neurotoxin poisoning your body.

    My diagnosis of mercury toxicity was made with a 24 hour urine sample after IV injection of the heavy metal chelating drug, DMPS. This drug forces mercury out of cells where some of it removed by the kidneys and excreted in the urine. My mercury levels showed significant mercury toxicity.

    Much of the mercury that leaves the cells will ultimately be redistributed into other cells throughout the body, primarily to kidney and brain cells. The DMPS test made me quite sick for at least a month--something I attribute to the redistribution of mercury and not to the actual drug. I concluded that DMPS would be too radical of an approach to use in the initial stages of my mercury protocol.

    I immersed myself in mercury toxicity and detoxification research after finding that I had mercury poisoning. I spoke with dentists, pathologists, toxicologists, and the director of the lab that tested my mercury levels, Great Smokey Labs. I also talked with Andrew Hall Cutler, author of "Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment" and learned a lot from him. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Cutler's book.

    The most popular mercury removal (chelating) drugs are DMPS (via IV injection), oral DMSA, BAL,, and D-penicillamine. Since DMPS made me quite ill and can cause mercury redistribution in the body, and because the other drugs use a similar mode of action, I decided to use a natural approach for mercury removal. Initially my goal was to reduce my mercury levels into the high normal range using this approach, and then use DMPS until the level was in the low normal, at which time I would use the oral drug, DMSA, to bat ‘clean up---particularly since DMSA is very effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier..

    But in order to use these drugs, it is important to first have all amalgams removed prior to initiating treatment. I had a number of amalgams as well as several crowns that needed to be removed in order to inspect the underlying tooth for amalgams. The entire dental process took almost a year.

    The amalgam removal process should be done by a dentist who is sensitive to the intricacies and dangers of mercury removal; a 'biological dentist' is preferable, and you can contact the organization, The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology for information and/or recommendations in your area. The last thing you want to do is absorb more mercury during the removal process (picture a high speed drill pulverizing mercury amalgams--releasing mercury vapor (which is efficiently absorbed by the lungs). Also, amalgam particles can be swallowed in the removal process can end up in exactly where you don’t want it—your cells. Use of a rubber dam is therefore imperative, and breathing supplemental oxygen or air is preferable, though I used only the dam.

    I loaded my body up with natural mercury chelators and other nutrients prior to each appointment in order to support my body. Immediately following each dental procedure I would immediately go to my doctor’s office for an IV Infusion of glutathion, vitamin C, and vitamin B complex.

    In the meantime, my research strongly indicated to me that I should take certain nutrients which have the ability to chelate and remove mercury naturally. These important nutrients were added to my daily supplement list. One of the main tricks is to include nutrients that boost the body's production of intracellular glutathion, which is frequently low in CFS patients anyway. Products that boost glutathion production and help facilitate mercury removal include N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), d/L-methionine, selenium, theanine, SAMe, and glycine. Alpha lipoic acid and the sulfur bearing compounds MSM and garlic are helpfult for mercury removal as well.

    Cilantro is also a very important part of my daily protocol and I juice it every day and drink it in my super veggie drink. I juice four bunches per week. I also take nutrients to support my liver function, primiarily milk thistle extract, and I recommend this supplement to anybody who is interested in detoxing from heavy metal toxicity and from the toxicity of having CFS or FM.

    Chlorella is a critical part of my protocol and I take four to six caps with almost every meal. Chlorella bonds irreversibly to mercury and is a very effective mercury 'magnet'. The reason I take chlorella with meals is that I that the majority of mercury in our bodies is removed by way of the liver. The mechanism looks like this: mercury is removed from cells--goes into the blood plasma--is removed by the liver--goes into the gallbladder to be excreted with bile--and is secreted into the digestive tract via bile to digest fats when food is eaten. A significant percentage of that mercury is reabsorbed from the bile/intestinal tract where it goes back into the blood--and back into cells. Ouch! I therefore take chlorella to bond to mercury to prevent its reabsorbing from bile.

    I also take chlorella every time I eat any type of seafood, because I am of the opinion that this superfood will bond to mercury and prevent its absorption in the first place.

    My mercury levels returned to a normal level after two years though my CFS began to improve about four months after I began my protocol. According to my research findings, ther may be some risks associated with taking some of these products because of the possibility of mercury redistribution; do your research and take the approach of being better safe than sorry. Pharmaceutical options can be pretty radical, and so can the nutrients NAC and alpha lipoic acid. Please do your researches before you take NAC, alpha lipoic acid, or any of the pharmaceutical drugs previously mentioned.

    I hope this information is helpful to you. The important thing to know is that you can rid your body of mercury safely and effectively. Patience and research should be the two key main ingredients in developing your mercury protocol regardless of how you choose to proceed. In any event, appropriate ‘challenge’ testing is imperative, particularly since other tests may not detect mercury that was absorbed into cells long ago.

    Good luck and let me know how you do.


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    Thank you so much, Rich for taking the time to outline your mercury detox protocol. I have been on a similar path and have just completed another DMPS provocation test. I'm hopeful that this will show my levels almost normal, after somewhere between 2 and 3 years of treatment.

    I, too, did not do well on the DMPS initially and took some of the same oral supplements as you did. I agree that Chlorella is key but you have given me some further ideas for oral supps. I also had all my amalgam fillings replaced, a daunting experience but one I'm glad I have cpmpleted. Some treatments in a far-infrared sauna were also part of my protocol.

    I know that several others here have been interested in how you treated your high mercury levels. I'm sure this will help them get on to the right track.

    Thanks again
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    This is fabulous. Very helpful, although I am a little bit confused about your comments on ALA and NAC.

    You seem to recommend them,but then back off.

    I assume what you mean is that they should be used judiciously and that they may have too powerful a detox effect on some folks? But it would be nice if you could clarify...

    I plan to do my own research .. but just interested in your take too.

    Again, thanks for taking the time.

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    Rich - Thank you for taking the time to post all of this! I tried taking chlorella last year, and each time reacted quite badly to it - I think it was releasing mercury and other toxins from my cells, but they weren't getting out of my body, just being redistributed. I finally had to go down to 1 tablet a day, that was all I could tolerate.

    I recently "discovered" (new for me) l-methionine. I took it while taking coconut oil a few weeks ago for candida, and had a much easier time of it than before. A few years ago I took coconut oil for candida and it worked very well, but I had a horrible herx for 11 days with it and was afraid to go through that again. I think the l-methionine made the difference this time so I plan to try the chlorella again, this time taking l-methionine with it, and see if that makes it easier.

    I had a job when I was 19 where I had heavy exposure to chemical solvents. I also had many amalgam fillings which were removed several years ago. So I think I had a fairly heavy load of toxins which were stored in my body.

    Anyways, I'm going to read your post more carefully when I have a bit more energy. I really appreciate your taking the time to post it.

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    Thanks Rich,

    The better information I receive, the better treatment decisions I can make!

    Thank you for sharing the details of your mercury diagnosis/detox journey.

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    I have a quick question for you...

    Why do we have to remove the amalgam from our teeth before doing a chelation?

    I've read that before and am wondering can I still do the Mercury Detox without removing the amalgam?

    I have a few and it would be really expensive and time consuming to do it. I was hoping to start detoxing since I have a feeling that would really help me out.

    If you have any ideas, I'd really appreciat it.

    Also did you ever post your road to recovery? I know you had mentioned that you would do that and I know it would be very interesting to read about what helped you to get better.

    Thank a lot :)
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    Thanks and bump...


    Nancy B
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    Great to hear how it is helping you.
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    I'm glad I ran a search on mercury and found this post from Rich, I don't get on here everyday. So I'm posting this as thanks and a BUMP.

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    I friend gave me Zeolite as a is suppossed to remove heavy metals and toxins from your body.

    I was taking it in August, and noticed that I needed to take more Klonipin...It may have been pulling out more than the bad stuff...I also heard that it can deplete the minerals you already are low on with CFS/FM.

    Anyone heard of Zeolite?


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    Hi Rich,
    Well done on your journey to health and thankyou for this web site . [a life saver]
    A few questions re detox. If you reacted to Dmps why did you take that before Dmsa ? Is Dmps better at removing mercury from the cells. ? Do these meds remove Magnesium, Zinc or Iron from the body ?At what dose [per kg] did you use,how often ? I thought only ALA crossed the blood brain barrier. Would taking charcoal tabs have the same effect of absorbing the mercury in the gut ?
    Thankyou Cobie
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    Hi, thanks so much for bumping this article for me. I finally found "Rich's Road to Recovery" and read that. I want to go over the things he's listed with a fine tooth comb and go back and try some of these things.

    My next approach was to radically change my diet now that I'm able to cut veggies & fruit so I was excited that a radical diet change to fresh organic food and juicing made a huge difference for Rich.

    Thanks for the bump and have a great day:)
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    Hi All & hi again Monkeykat-

    Having spent the past 5 years in various stages of mercury detox/chelation after having my fillings & crowns replaced w/non-metals in 2001,,,,,i can say that DMPS can be a very dangerous chelation choice.

    Everything that i've read & most of the conversations i've had w/many folks over these past years has brought me to the conclusion that i would never use DMPS as a chelation treatment, nor as a testing option. A good website to check out re. DMPS is

    Instead, DMSA &/or chlorella are much safer options & accomplish the same results as DMPS. Also, DMSA has been shown to remove mercury from the brain, which is one of mercury's favorite "hiding" places, while DMPS has not been shown to do that. DMSA can be purchased over the counter from some supplement companies & at low dosage is relatively safe to use.

    I continue to this day to use chlorella, but it is esp important to use the Yaeyama type chlorella so as to avoid any contamination.
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    I'm afraid that I don't recall Rich's symptoms or problem. Is it more fibro or CFS?
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    Did you have a brain MRI I've heard mercury can cause lesions that disapear after treatment?????????????
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    Hi SpartanJT,
    How are ya? It's so good to see you on the board. I've been on here more lately than i have been in a long time.

    You are so knowledgeable about mercury elimination and always have such great advice.

    I have had such severe MCS that I opted to stay away from chemicals. my naturopath used the Ion Cleanse machine to pull toxins & metals out of my system. I would actually see black specks and also shiny clusters of metals on top of the water. She also had me use Dr. Overman's metal detox herbs. Then I got colonics done with organic coffee to force my liver and gallbladder to dump toxins.

    I guess I should really have a mercury challenge done with DMSA to see how much mercury is in my system but I get nervous about completely losing my health if I were to use any chemicals at all. I just react so badly that it's just a huge risk.

    I know that you really know your stuff about mercury elimination and i've appreciated all your advice.

    Hope you are well,
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    Can't seem to find it on this site. Thanks much,

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