Mercury fillings. Do they cause fatigue etc?

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  1. sharina

    sharina New Member

    Hi all.

    I Just watched a programme on tv here in the uk about mercury fillings. They are saying it could be possible causing fatigue.

    I wondered how many people with ME have mercury fillings?

    Have you had them removed and if so have you felt alot better?

    Do you know what the dangers are of having them removed?

    I have a load in my mouth and was wondering if taking them out is the answer to fatigue and many other symptons i get like dizziness and anxiety. They said it effects the brain and nervous system.

    Any info would be grateful for.



    LISALOO New Member

    I had mine removed and went through detoxifying and getting it all out of my body.

    No change in symptoms, just better looking teeth
  3. suburbanite

    suburbanite New Member

    I am currently having my mercury fillings removed. Personally, I am going to a dentist I found through IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post website links here, but you can look them up if you want).
    They take steps to remove the metal safely.
    My dentist is only removing one filling at a time with 2-4 weeks in between.
    So far, I do not feel any difference yet, but I do have 1 more to go.
  4. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member

    Hi Sharina,

    I have both ME and fibromyalgia. In fact the ME only came on when I had 4 amalgam fillings removed unsafely without precautions and I was sick from the day after getting progresively worse over 2 years.

    I have now had the rest - 6 more out last July but safely with no side effects. Read all you can about the Huggins protocl before getting them removed. Removal and chelation therapy is the only way of getting rid of mercury posioning. I am following Dr Cutler's protocol for chelation.

    If you have them out, make sure you see a dentist who knows about safe removal of amlagams and also that he listens to your requests. He must use a rubber dam, you can also have a Vit C IV drip and if you are having them all taken out at once then you can either have them taken out under IV conscious sedation which is what I did and would definitely recommend it or they must be taken out in the correct order and only a couple at a time.

    Just getting the filling removed isn't enough - you need to chelate the mercury out of your body and brain as it will last for years in you.

    Read all you can and do the research before getting them removed - don't make yourself sicker.

    My adrenals do feel better since being on the chelation for over 8 months now but I till have a long way to go at least I feel much calmer now though.

    Dr Cutler also has a yahoo chelation group for the latest info.

    I found going on a detox week very helpful too.

    Good luck!
  5. sharina

    sharina New Member

    Thanks for your replys on this subject.
    It was helpful, i will be looking into it more.

  6. spartanjt

    spartanjt New Member

    "Millions of people have amalgam fillings and no health problems"

    And exactly how do you know this & where does this quasi- stat come from ?

    I would certainly agree that there are countless numbers of folks out there who have had amalgams placed in their teeth, that have not experienced health problems. The flip side to that, is that there have been numerous scientific studies done that show how the mercury , & other metals, in those amalgams gradually leech from the teeth & re-deposit into other parts of the body.

    The real question is, what is the effect of these various metals,,,,,,esp mercury,,,,on the body. Having gone through the process of replacing amalgams in 14 molars with non-metal composites & the subsequent chelation process, over the past 8 years,,,,,,,I would submit that removing those amalgams & doing the chelating was the best thing I ever did to improve my health.

    I believe that in my case, this dumping of metals from those amalgams over the many years that the amalgams were in place, caused an overload of toxicity that my body was unable to overcome via the normal process of detoxification. The only way that I was able to improve my health was to get those amalgams out, get the metals out of the body & give my immune system, liver, thyroid & brain, a chance to recover & function closer to normal.

    Many folks who have a mouthful of metal fillings are in the same boat that I was in 10 years ago. Those folks would benefit from amalgam removal & a good metal detox program. Everybody with amalgam fillings is experiencing some of this leeching effect of those metals into their bodys. NOT everyone of them is experiencing negative symptomology from this, because everybody's detox systems have different capacities & diferrent functioning levels. In my case, the sheer amount of mercury exposure overtime was overwhelming.

    In summary, the amalgam/mercury issue should be viewed as a key issue for many folks who are suffering from CFS/FM symptomology. One needs only to look at how much silver is in their mouths to determine whether or not this is something that is worth pursuing.

  7. panthere

    panthere Member

    Mercury is toxic, everyone knows that. If a mercury thermometer breaks in school, they will close it so they can clean it up. But somehow, dental field decided that if you mix it with other metals, it will be fine to put it in people's mouths! I just find that puzzling...

    I got amalgams put in about 8 years ago, after which my problems with fatigue, viruses, etc slowly started. So, now that I look back it is possible that amalgams caused my problems. I removed them 2 years ago after which I got worse (lasted about 3 months) even though I went to the guru, Dr. Breiner

    I did a course of supplements, like cilantro, chlorella, etc before and after removal, but ruled against doing DMSA or DMPS chelation at the time. My health slowly got better after the crash post-amalgam removal and was perfectly normal until middle of last year when I crashed again. I decided to revisit the issue of mercury with my present doctor and have decided to try chelation with oral DMPS. I also just found out through a genetic test that I lack a gene to produce glutathione, which could be the key to my problems. As fredt said, you need to have glutathione to detoxify. Thus, I am loading up on glutathione by taking supplements of its precursors, glutathione IVs, nebulizing glutathione before I start chelation.

    I suggest you do more research and see how comfortably you are with doing it. In any case, amalgams last about 15 years and you have to change them eventually anyway. When you do so, make sure its with a doctor who knows how to do it.
  8. equanimous

    equanimous New Member

    No offense, but do you really think that the ADA is an unbiased source when it comes to information about mercury fillings? The ADA gets a fat check every time they give their endorsement to a dental filling manufacturer. Moreover, they're not about to open themselves up to the untold litigation that could result if they were to admit to any possibility of mercury amalgams being detrimental. Actually, this isn't completely true. The ADA does admit that fewer than 1% of the population could be harmed by mercury fillings, namely those who are hypersensitive to mercury. Given that PWC's tend to be overly sensitive to numerous drugs, toxins, etc., it wouldn't be surprising to me if a lot of us fell into that category.

    It's kind of amazing to me that people are so cautious about eating tuna and other large fish when mercury amalgams by far and away contribute more to human mercury burden (as per the World Health Organization).

    I agree with you that composites can come with their own host of problems, but it's possible to test for compatibility with composite material before you have the replacements (although, if you don't believe in the validity of MELISA testing, you might not give much credence to this type of testing either).
  9. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Sharina,

    I've had my amalgam fillings removed and feel it was very beneficial, perhaps lifesaving. My sensitivity to mercury and other toxic metals from other crowns had reached the point where having my tongue brush up against them could send shivers through my body. I had gotten to the point where I didn't feel I could take much more.

    For various reasons, I had three different dentists do them. One of them did not protect me well at all and I was seriously ill for several weeks afterward. If you have them removed, be absolutely sure you're getting it done by somebody who will take the necessary steps to protect you properly.

    I had about 9-10 amalgams removed and discovered that I had decay under most of them. I strongly suspect that some of these would have deteriorated to the point of my needing root canals to save the teeth had I not had them replaced. I believed I saved money in the long run, and my sanity besides.

    I still have serious CFIDS, but feel my amalgam removal has prevented me from deteriorating further.

    Best to you if you decide to follow up on this.

    Regards, Wayne

    The following link features a 5-minute video created by the Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary. It's entitled: How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration.

    This video has some remarkable illustrations of brain neurons and how mercury can adversely affect them. This video reinforces my belief that having my amalgams removed was a very good decision for me. It also reinforces my belief that NO amount of mercury in the body is safe.
  10. Stating that study or test, showed positive, even in people with 'no amalgam fillings' in their mouths, whatsoever...

    How come that study did not mention at all, whether or not all person(s) studied, were asked about VACCINATIONS??? (thimersol SP)

    And, I wanted to bring up vaccinations, to everyone on this thread RE: fillings, health, etc...

    I am one who (a different test than talked about above...) showed to have 3.5 times the 'safe' level of mercury in my system... and as well, a massive amount of bismuth (found in many drugs, and also different forms of bismuth, are used in ALL SORTS of things) - apologies for not having 'examples' right now- "things" is all I'm capable of, re: bismuth right now- simplest example, though, is Pepto bismol (generic, = "Pink Bismuth") but no, I surely did not get severe bismuth toxicity from chugging massive amounts of bismuth..

    Anyhow, back to mercury though, my integrative med doctor, and registered dietician as well, long suspected heavy metal toxicity in me, for a long time, due to the huge multitude of my symptoms, illnesses, diagnosis, and the timeline in which I (so quickly) fell so ill.

    All I can say is, I had a filling here & there, in my mouth at that time, and some more later on, (getting a *TOOTH* (abcessed) yanked this week, in fact- 2nd one in a yr, that I allowed my dentist to basically *argue* me into using amalgam filling, instead of the other... (much more too that-)

    and... btw, even HE will admit to me that the "vapors" that were being 'redispersed' (sp) into the air at his OLD office, (all carpeted flooring) when it would be vacuumed... telling me this was the sole reason his new office had tile floors- with no grooves,etc at all... he specifically told me that was the reason for the flooring!

    Then in the SAME BREATH (through his MASK- of course), tells me that it is not harmful in MY MOUTH- even arguing chewing, HOT coffee/foods etc... none of that can cause any harm... and yet vapors being redispersed through the big open office air, IS...

    Anyone ever just been chewing gum (even *sugarless*) or been eating, and pulled their filling out, or had fragments of it come out?

    Just wondering, and rambling now..

    ANYHOW- I wanted to say this much- that, after doing a big, long drawn out history search with my integrative med doctor, we found out, that, from 1996-1999 alone(!!!!) I received no LESS than **19** vaccinations (and t.b. tests), due to my work in nursing homes/the hospital, and my also having been in the military. I received 1 or 2 more, in 2000, in August 2000, I had to quit my job at the hospital, and have never worked again.. (not just due to toxicity- not even close to the only problem- but, we may now know the cause of my rapidly growing nausea, gagging, then vomiting- severely, *constantly*,) maybe, and maybe not, like I said, for me, there was a LOT going on with me,

    I know mercury, etc played SOME part in my illness, period.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to add into the convo, or remind people, that it's not just fillings, as another poster pointed out environment, and then vaccinations, which certainly vary in amount, from person to person, as well as time frame that they were given, where u live, career, etc... but, I just wanted to mention that, having read that 'study' or report, whatever, that said "even in people who had NO amalgam fillings!"

    Take care all, keep it light,

  11. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Nofool,

    I guess I don't quite understand the point you're making. I wouldn't disagree that we are all exposed to mercury from a variety of sources. You seem to be implying that because it's so ubiquitous, that it is not something we should be concerned about. Is that what you're saying?

    I just happen to believe that any amount is going to do damage to our bodies, particularly our nervous system. And having a weakened body from CFIDS, I don't want to have to deal with any more stressors than I have to, no matter how minor or seemingly insignificant.

    I read (I know you can't believe everything you read) that dentists have the highest rate of Parkinson's disease than any other profession. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I don't think so. Mercury seems to be particularly damaging to nerve cells.

    Best, Wayne
  12. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    I had mine removed and can't say that it helped with the Cfs/Fms, but I started feeling better. It was one of the tools I used. I had to get them out. They were old and breaking the enamel in my molars and I had much sensitivity.

    I feel better and look better.

    But since my latest injury in Feb. 08, I am dealing with myofascia pain, which I believe is due to anesthesia.

    I am glad I had my teeth done. I am able to eat without pain now.

    I had to switch dentists. The other one I had gone to nearly killed me and that is no exaggeration. She injected about 6 shots into the same spot, my doctor said probably into a vein that sent my heart racing.

    The dentist I go to now uses something different and if he has to give me the novacaine (not sure what med it is) he will warn me and sit with me til my heart stops racing.
  13. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi again Nofool,

    In my own case, I've known for many years, long before ever hearing about the methylation cycle block, that I had a detoxification problem. Just one example is that if I drank even a single alcoholic beverage, I would be miserably hung over for 2-3 days. There were other indications as well.

    I know a lot of people can drink alcohol, some almost indiscriminately, and be hardly affected at all. I think this is similar to people's different reactions to common environmental pollutants such as mercury. Some people are able to detoxify these pollutants quite readily, others are not so fortunate. I just felt I had reduce my mercury exposure as much as I possibly could. I feel it was a good decision for me.

    Regarding your comments on the immune system. I'm not sure why you commented on whether people with CFS have "weak" immune systems. In my own case, I feel I probably have a dysfunctional "upregulated" immune system, as you mention. I believe this upregulation is what leaves me (and likely many others with CFS) feeling nauseous so much of the time. Apparently, viruses, flu bugs, etc. don't cause people to feel sick. It's the upregulated immune system response that creates this in the body.

    BTW, I don't drink any alcoholic beverages at all these days. Probably been over twenty years since I ventured into that minefield.

    Best, Wayne

    P.S. Couldn't seem to locate your thread on molds, toxins, etc.[This Message was Edited on 02/18/2009]
  14. -----Did any of you know that, the expression:

    "Mad as a hatter" actually originates, from workers, who made felt (i have NO clue where mercury comes in) hats, in a factory... my *neurologist, a very knowledgeable man, IMO, told me this, that people working in this/these factories... would basically "lose it", anger/temper, and/or out & out psychosis/psychotic like behaviors... and thus, the phrase....

    "Mad as a Hatter" came about- I myself, (just now, lol remembering this- that he told me 3-4 yrs ago, when I gave him my test result paper showing 3.5 times the 'safe' level of mercury) am curious now, again, about the hat factory workers, and think i just may read into this myself, for better detailed information..

    I just found that (jaw-dropping, for one), and also interesting... unfortunately, he did not tell me that the toxicity had anything to do with my Trigeminal Neuralgia, my Brain lesions, nor any of my other abnormal tests/reflexes.

    Just wanted to share that....

  15. Here we go- on "Mad as a Hatter"

    The most famous Mad Hatter, of course, is the one from the Mad Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland, the partner of the March Hare. Both mad, of course. But Lewis Carroll did not invent the phrase, although he did create the character. The phrases "mad as a hatter" and "mad as a March hare" were common at the time Lewis Carroll wrote (1865 was the first publication date of Alice). The phrase had been in common use in 1837, almost 30 years earlier. Carroll frequently used common expressions, songs, nursery rhymes, etc., as the basis for characters in his stories.

    The origin of the phrase, it's believed, is that hatters really did go mad. The chemicals used in hat-making included mercurious nitrate, used in curing felt. Prolonged exposure to the mercury vapors caused mercury poisoning. Victims developed severe and uncontrollable muscular tremors and twitching limbs, called "hatter's shakes"; other symptoms included distorted vision and confused speech. Advanced cases developed hallucinations and other psychotic symptoms.

    'Twas the hatters, not the wearers of hats. The hatters were exposed to the mercury fumes, which would have been long dissipated (or of insignificant strength) by the time the hat was worn. This use of mercury is now subject to severe legal restrictions (if not banned) in the U.S. and Europe.

    While this is the most widely accepted origin of the phrase, there are those who believe that the phrase was originally "mad as an adder" (meaning poisonous as the snake) which degenerated to hatter. Sounds pretty flimsy to me, but then etymology is not an empirical science.

    This is just one article, came from "the straight dope"

    (I love my neuro, :)

    Oh, speaking of Alice in Wonderland- (which is just toooo weird!)

    My neuro has a couple of different things posted in his office now, just in the last 2 yrs or so, I noticed them, (they look AGES old, like old Playbills, sort of)... the one that really stood out to myself & my sister, was, of none other than Lewis Carroll, it states that, he is believed to have severe epilepsy, way back then (I don't know if it's the same *now*, or not, if it was the *type* of seizures he had, or that he may have had *so many*, due to the lack of treatment options back then???)

    Anyhow, it's believed, that Alice In Wonderland, came about, possibly, from one of his many hallucinations, from the epilepsy he had, records say, apparently.

    It does not state that that is *fact* it just says that it is believed* that alice in wonderland, MAY have been 'spawned', from one of his hallucinations, after an epileptic episode.

    Take care, all.....

  16. richvank

    richvank New Member

    Hi, all.

    Here's a recent news article you might find of interest, if you haven't already seen it.


    US calls for treaty on mercury reduction

    February 16, 2009 8:04 PM EST
    NAIROBI, Kenya - The Obama administration has reversed years of U.S. policy by calling for a treaty to cut mercury pollution, which it described as the world's gravest chemical problem.
    Some 6,000 tons of mercury enter the environment each year, about a third generated by power stations and coal fires. Much settles into the oceans where it enters the food chain and is concentrated in predatory fish like tuna.
    Children and fetuses are particularly vulnerable to poisoning by the toxic metal, which can cause birth defects, brain damage and peeling skin.
    Daniel Reifsnyder, the deputy assistant secretary of state for environment and sustainable development, told a global gathering of environmental ministers in Nairobi, Kenya, on Monday that the United States wants negotiations on limiting mercury to begin this year and conclude within three.
    "We're prepared to help lead in developing a globally legally binding instrument," he said. "It is clear mercury is the most important global chemical issue facing us today that calls for immediate action."
    The statement represented a "180-degree turnaround" from policy under the Bush administration, said Michael Bender, co-coordinator of the Zero Mercury Working Group, a global coalition of 75 environmental organizations working to reduce mercury exposure.
    "The change is like night and day. The Bush administration opposed any international legal agreements on mercury and President (Barack) Obama is in office less than one month and is already supporting a global agreement," he said.
    Bender said his group has had more discussions over mercury control in the past two weeks than they have in the last eight years and that the U.S. government included many of their ideas in the proposal they are presented in Nairobi.
    Mercury is also widely used in chemical production and small-scale mining. The toxin can travel thousands of miles through the air or water.
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a regulatory agency, advises expectant mothers to limit weekly consumption to six ounces of albacore tuna or 12 ounces (340 grams) of "light" tuna, the health effects of which are still being scientifically debated. California authorities have been locked in a five-year legal battle to force tuna companies to paste warning labels on their product about potentially harmful mercury levels.
    Despite the warnings, there's often little public knowledge of the dangers of mercury in seafood. In the American state of Idaho, a food bank distributed as much as 96 ounces (2,721 grams) of fish in family food baskets last summer. That's 48 times more than a child weighing less than 30 pounds (13 kilograms) is advised to eat monthly, according to the Health and Welfare advisory.
    There is even less awareness in developing countries, where small-scale miners use mercury to pan for gold and fishermen eat contaminated fish or sell it to chic sushi restaurants.
    "Murky? Maki?" asked Peter Omoga, manager at a Japanese restaurant in the Kenyan capital, when asked about mercury levels by an Associated Press correspondent tucking into a sushi feast.
    While substitutes exist for almost all industrial processes that require mercury, more than 50 percent of mercury emissions come from coal-fueled power plants, complicating efforts to regulate it in countries that rely on coal for power.
    A U.S.-drafted proposal obtained by The Associated Press would form a negotiating committee in conjunction with the U.N. environment program to help countries reduce their mercury use, clean up contaminated sites and find environmentally sound ways to store mercury. The European Union has already banned mercury exports starting in 2011. The U.S. has a similar ban that will be effective 2013, legislation that was sponsored by Obama when he was a U.S. senator.
    Advocacy groups that have been working on getting such a global pact passed welcomed the U.S. policy change, saying it could encourage other countries such as Canada to make a similar change. Bender said mercury levels in the world had increased two to three times over the past 200 years.
    "Given that the United States has pushed the door of resistance in a sense, that will lead others to follow," said Susan Egan Keane of the Washington, D.C.-based Natural Resources Defense Council.
  17. richvank

    richvank New Member

    Hi, all.

    Here is part of what was posted on the FDA website in June of last year. This was the first time the FDA acknowledged that there are safety concerns with dental amalgam. So far, they have limited their acknowledgment of the safey concerns to developing children and fetuses.


    3. What are the safety concerns about dental amalgam?

    Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses. When amalgam fillings are placed in teeth or removed from teeth, they release mercury vapor. Mercury vapor is also released during chewing.
  18. richvank

    richvank New Member

    Hi, all.

    Here's the opening paragraph of a 2007 report on a survey of dentists about their use of mercury amalgam fillings:

    Tiburon, CA, May 07, 2007 --( Dentists are deeply divided over the issue of mercury amalgam fillings. In a recent dental marketing survey conducted by, 52% of dentists reported they are no longer using mercury amalgam. The other 48% are still placing amalgam fillings. Some dentists criticized amalgam for its possible toxicity and tendency to fracture teeth; other dentists defended amalgam's long history and superiority to more modern composite fillings.

  19. nastaranjune

    nastaranjune New Member

    I had mine removed a while back due to estethics, and also a study that suggested that it leads to alzheimers, as they had found abundant of mercury in the brain of people who had died with alzheimers. no changes in the fatigue or fm symptoms.

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