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    Looking for anyone who has had problems with mercury overload from fillings.Has anyone experienced removing mercury to help with CFS? Having to consider this as an option. Desperate for feedback-please help.
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    only because they were breaking my enamel down over the years. I would've lost my molars. But, I had to put it on credit and have been paying for years on this bill. Now, I have 3 more onlays to go. I'd rather be broke than to lose my teeth. It has cut down on sensitivity, too. It doesn't hurt anymore to bite down on food such as raw carrots and hot and cold items. Plus, it doesn't look like black teeth anymore when I open my mouth.

    As far as helping with my recovery. I think it may have. Though I still have chronic pain and fatigue, I did go back to school, (I am 52), and I am working again. I went from being categorized as dis-abled to functioning. It probably WAS a part of the puzzle that has gotten me to where I am today. I was dx 20 years ago.......Patti
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    About 4 years ago I had a 24 hr urine heavy metal provocation test, came up really high on mercury only! It was hard to say whether it was from all my fillings (at least one in every tooth plus 10 crowns) or because I ate tunafish regularly or both...

    but I orally chelated at the time. Weirdly, I felt better WHILE chelating, but went back to 'normal' afterwards, go figure... most people feel the opposite!

    My amalgam fillings mostly date from 40 years ago, so the consensus at the time seemed to be to get them redone as needed, and check my mercury levels regularly...

    But I have gone ahead and having them now removed over the past 6 months by a mercury-free dentist who does it the 'right' way ... I also had the Clifford dental material blood test to make sure what dental materials I could tolerate; and I will do another mercury provocation test afterwards...

    I don't expect any miracles, but I felt that since about 1/3 of it had to be redone at this point I might as well get it all over with... and thereby help my immune system in every way I could.

    Again, I have read some people's post that this made all the difference, but for many it didn't. I don't see how it can hurt IF you can afford to have it done CORRECTLY, but sadly there's no guarantee it will make an obvious difference.

    Hope this helps,

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    as he had mercury poisoning. As far as his CFIDS, I think it's too soon to tell, but hopefully, he'll be getting better gradually. He also has mild Addison's disease, so is starting some Cortef for that and it has given him more energy. I think your body has a better chance of recuperating without the mercury in your system. Also, he's had several DMPS injections over the past few months (chelator) and is going to continue chelating with oral DMSA. You can look these up by doing a search in the box above for people's experience with mercury removal. Best wishes....