Mercury fillings

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    HI all

    I am going to begin having my mercury fillings removed next month due to a couple of old ones that need replaced but I was wondering for those who have had theirs removed who did it?

    My CFS Dr recommended a special dentist who uses all the precautions to make sure I don't ingest any of the mercury during removal. I was told by my regular dentist (who I really like) that he was able to remove them and would even dam up the tooth to make sure no mercury was swallowed. he said he would do the same things a "special" dentist would do for safety. Did any you take any special precautions in choosing who removed your fillings??

    Just wondering. thanks
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    thanks Barb for your response. Afterdoing some reading I think I'm going to go to the specialist to get thenm removed (2 at a time). It is really confusing when Dr's controdict each other. I really like my regular dentist but after reading some of the websites removal sounds pretty scary if it not done right

    I ll let you know