Mercury in todays news....1 in 12 US women have above safe levels

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    UN: Global Warming May Worsen Mercury Pollution
    Reuters Health
    Monday, February 3, 2003

    NAIROBI, Kenya (Reuters) - Mercury pollution must be tackled before global warming exacerbates its noxious effects, the United Nations warned Monday in its first report on the worldwide dangers posed by the heavy metal.

    The UN Environment Program (UNEP) said activities from gold mining to burning coal in power stations had tripled mercury levels in the air since pre-industrial times.

    Mercury works its way into the food chain, with women and children most at risk from poisoning, which can cause brain and nerve damage resulting in impaired coordination, blurred vision, tremors, irritability and memory loss.

    "Mercury levels have to be reduced and we want governments to start to take steps to do this immediately," UNEP Executive Director Klaus Toepfer told reporters at a conference of environment ministers in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

    "Things could get worse in the coming years, as increases in temperature also appear to help the spread of the mercury."

    UNEP's first report into the global impact of mercury pollution said more than 1,500 tons of the hazardous substance is pumped into the skies every year by power stations, with Asia and then Africa the worst culprits.

    Small-scale mining, where mercury is used to help extract gold and silver from ores, is another main source of the pollution, releasing about 400-500 tons of mercury each year.

    UNEP said a US study found about one in 12 women there had mercury levels in their bodies above those deemed safe by national authorities.

    Scientists predict that as a result, up to 300,000 babies in the United States could be at risk of brain damage with possible impacts from learning difficulties to impaired nervous systems.
    Mercury poisoning also threatens animals such as otters, minx, osprey, eagles and some whales that feed on fish, which scientists say are readily contaminated by mercury pollution.

    UNEP hopes up to 100 environment ministers will attend the five-day conference at its Nairobi headquarters, which opened on Monday, to discuss how to implement resolutions from the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development in September.
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    I know a couple of us are interested in the mercury connection.

    I can just say that after years of researching and studying our symptoms... I am convinced we are experiencing the effects of toxic exposures to a lot of pollutants... Namely Mercury.

    The trouble is.... people don't understand the extent of our exposure, and there is little known about how, low chronic exposure to mercury presents itself in humans.

    But....the studies that ARE out there are alarming. Our illness affects all systems...central nervous system , cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system, metabolic system, reproductive systems, autoimmune name it.

    That's more the personality of a toxic reaction as opposed to the signs and symptoms of an infectious process.

    As a nurse...I would definately..(no doubt in my mind) have had HUGE amounts of occupational well as probably more vaccinations than the average person.
    But I still believe there is enough environmental exposure out there to start affecting anyone.

    I'm treating myself with supplements...and avoidance. I plan on having my amalgams removed this spring. Other than doing that..I can only hope the government keeps making moves in the right directions for us.

    Thanks for your interest....DJ

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    I just found out last Thurs. that I have several heavy metals in my system. I have Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, and Aluminum. The doctor wants me to take a drug (DMSA) to remove these metals from my system. I also have to take multi-vitamins and magnesium and zinc to replenish my system. I'm going to have my fillings checked and possibly removed and replaced if necessary.