MERCURY is causing all of your symptoms

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    It is really MERCURY that does the damage. If you did not work in the DENTIST office and were exposed to mercury there or in the MEDICAL field (vaccinations, desinfectants, other medications, etc), then it is the AMALGAM FILLINGS that a person has or had (silver kind)- 50-70% mercury content, or maybe flu or allergy SHOTS (thimerosol -preservative, mercury based), or a lot of FISH (mercury in it). I can go on forever. But that is all in a nut shell!!!
    There are a lot of resourses on the internet. Type any of your symptoms followed by the word mercury, see for yourself.

    If FM is treated as mercury poisoning it is treatable and reversable!!!! Chelation is the word to search for.
    God bless, Lily
  2. kch64

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    I did take allergy shots for six years prior to the initial onset of pain.


  3. dreamharp

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    that have had amalgam fillings, vaccines etc that are not sick
    also. I believe it has to do with many factors and how well
    the body deals with detox, emotional issues, genetics, etc.

    However, I do believe in "don't leave any stone unturned" so
    mercury is something to research.

  4. matthewson

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    having all their fillings removed, going through chelation therapy and STILL having FMS pain! There is a lot of controversy about amalgam fillings. Some say they are not harmfull, others are convinced that they are the cause of all of their problems. I have a hard time with this as there seem to be many different triggers for this DD.

    I am always leery when someone posts about one thing only. There are many things that contribute to this DD and mercury may or may not be one of them. I am sure though that focusing on one thing only will not cure me!

    Tell us something about yourself Lily. Do you have FMS/CFS? Has it been relieved by having your fillings out and chelation therapy? Give us more to work with here than just a blanket statement.

    Take care, Sally
  5. klccag

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    If you look closer you may find it in other places. (Fabric softener, etc...) Everybody got their baby immunizations with the mercury preservative. (They started doing it in 1930s.)Half life of mercury in your brain is 20 years, that means, if you are lucky, half of it will be gone in 20 years after initial exposure. Drinking tap water(or even well water) could provide a exposure. Aluminum in deodorants or antidepressants is very toxit too! Do you have anybody in your family with allergies, asthma, neurologigal disorders,etc? Mercury sensetivity runs in families.
    I do not know what your symptoms are. I am not a medical doctor, but I do have Physics degree. I definately do not have all the answers, but quite a lot of research on mercury poisoning. One day I may share my family's story.
  6. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    Ha and here I thought it was because Mercury was in retrograde! Silly me. goes to show how ones brains get twisted when reading a post title lol!
  7. klccag

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    Yes, I am having CFS/FM symptoms in addition to short-term memory loss, emotinal symptoms, etc. Yes, I am having my fillings replaced (it has to be done correctly). My oldest son has suffered form ASD symptoms (including allergies and recently asthma) all his life, he has an appointment with a biomedical doctor who specializes in chelation of children. My youngest one has recently undergone a series of MRIs to determine why his legs, hands were going numb (he was fatigued as well). All the blood work and MRI found nothing. It has been 6 months since then. I just tealized he was eating too much sea food (about 3 times a week)(high mercury content). He also has allergies and eczema. My husband... I can go on but I think I am running out of space plus have to take my son to preschool. I do not know if I can post any links, have quite a few...
  8. klccag

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    All I want to say, as I did before, I do not have all the answers but rather a lot of questions.

    We live in a very toxic world, and may not even know where our mercury exposure is coming from.
  9. victoria

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    I came up high on mercury on a urine provocation test...

    I chelated orally, during which most feel worse as the toxins are pulled out -

    -however, I felt BETTER during the chelation...

    when finished, I went back to feeling like I was, even tho another urine provocation test showed the merc was gone...

    (BTW, I have also had all mercury fillings removed properly.)

    This feeling better WHILE chelating has me confused, as I've never read anything anywhere about this happening to anyone else, and the doctors had no explanation for it...

    I have seen in a few some dramatic reversals, so know mercury is at the bottom of it for some... and certainly high merc levels can't HELP us in any case... but don't think it's the only thing, ie, if you have Lyme, you have to get rid of that too.

    my philosophy is to clear up as many things as possible to help the body, period.

    But would love to know why anyone would feel better DURING chelation...

  10. Cromwell

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    I think one chelates mercury using bicarbonate is this right????

    But what about mercury that has invaded to brain or muscle etc. Can that ever be chelated?

    Also, as it is accumulative, is it also decumulative-in other words, does it work its way out of the system over time so long as we steer clear.

    Hey you science people there, can you clue me in???
    Love Anne C
  11. skierchik

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    I am currently doing some protocols given to me by my doctor to detoxify mercury and pesticides. Chelation may not be necessary.

    I totally agree with you...that many people are toxic and that this is the cause of their FM/CFS. We'll see, but I'm pretty sure it's the cause of mine.

    I just saw my doc today and he added another protocol to follow. Absolutely, no doubt in my mind that I feel better than I did 6 weeks ago before he started me on his program. I too have been diagnosed with CFS/FM and have had it for many, many years. I had many fillings too. They have been removed now for 8 yrs.
    My doc did blood work and it showed mercury & pesticide poisoning. You don't have to have mercury poisoning to get CFS/FM; however, I do believe that probably most everyone on this board has some stored toxins that are causing their could be pesticides, lead, cadmium,arsenic, pcb's etc...

    A great book to read is Detoxify or Die by Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. She has many protocols on how to get rid of these various toxins. Some are not expensive or difficult. Many scientists believe that toxins are the culprit for CFS/FM and I believe it too since all the research I've done over the years points to toxins. And I do believe that the longer they are in your body (being stored) the more permanent damage can be done. It changes your DNA!!

    Lily, you can look up my name (skierchik) and try these protocols too. Or even better than that, look up this gentleman in Colorado Springs...he does consultations and is teaching docs how to get rid of the toxins in our bodies. He's a friend of my doc. See He researches for the least expensive, but the purest and the best supplements. He sells them on his website. Some of them I can buy locally, some have to be ordered through him.

    I, too have tried to convince people that toxins are the key problem here, but unless I can get people to read and research what I've read and researched, I just don't think I can convince anyone.

    Thanks for trying though!!!


  12. cmcd1070

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    This is all really new to me. I was just diagnosed 2 years ago and have spent most of that time trying to find some way to keep getting up every morning and going to work and keeping me and my home clean and organized. I am just now starting to do some research because I had hoped after being on the medication this long that it would all just be "under control" as if nothing was wrong. Obviously that isn't going to happen and I've been in denial. So now I'm awake and I'm reading this board, everyone here is a wealth of knowledge, thank you all.

    I read in another post the "WAKE UP IT'S MERCURY POISONING" post so I thought well, this person is pretty adamant about it, let's see what mercury poisoning is... After several hours of research (on company time :\ ) I found I had 67 of the 80 listed symptoms. It was a little unnerving. But it's odd because I am one of the rare people that have never had a silver-type filling. I've only had one filling in my life and it was in May of 2000, it was a ceramic filling.

    The very odd part is that after that filling I immediately began feeling neurological dysfunctions to the point that I was unable to even drive myself back to work. It was only a local oral anesthetic that was used to numb my mouth, so it was unlikely the cause. Later that afternoon my boss asked me to please leave work immediately and go to the emergency room because I was very ill. After I was admitted, blood tests and what not determined there was something terribly wrong with me, but they could not determine what. I stayed in the hospital for 5 days enduring countless tests and specialists. They referred me to a quack nuerologist who had no idea what was wrong so chalked it up to sudden onset of epilepsy and put me on Neurontin and disability. If they had used a silver-type filling it would have all made sense, but now it's just even more confusing than it was originally.

    At the time, they theorized that the blinking ultra-violet light they use to dry ceramic fillings is what triggered the "seizure". That "seizure" has lasted about 6 years now and has gotten progressively and rapidly worse in the past 2 years.

    I just find it hard to imagine that I would be any more exposed to mercury than the next person or even more to the point, people in impoverished countries. I will look into chelation (sp?) and look into getting mercury levels tested though I would wonder if that wasn't done with all the tests i've been through. Thank you for the information, albeit rather maniacally worded, it did get my attention.
  13. bunnyfluff

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    Or Benzene! Or probably lead leaching into our water from the solder in the copper pipes.

    I had all of the amalgam fillings removed from my mouth because they were in bad shape & I had great dental insurance, and I am in no better shape today.

    I was going along fine in life until I got chicken pox as an adult. So, maybe its chicken pox.
  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    get their dental fillings removed, amalgams, and replace with composties...the spent $$$ and you know what it didn't take care of thier ms or problems....

    my dentist i used to work for at the time never recc, but we had pts...that would come to him for a second opinion and they were just being taken by those dentists...believe me when i say i worked for a con artist...but when it came to dentistry on the patients he never stole money form the patients...that he was honest about...but for his partners that was another story...

  15. Cambird

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    I have had all my mercury fillings removed and had a heavy metal detox. Tested completely clear of mercury (and other heavy metals) and it made no difference to my CFS. Just cost a lot of money.

    You shouldn't make such a sweeping statement. I've tried all sorts of things where the practioner was 100% sure with no success.

    Hope you find something that works for you though!
    God bless, Lucy
  16. auntyemnga

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    I originally went to the FFC in hopes of getting better. When they actually made me worse, I was put in contact with a doctor who uses bio-resonance testing.

    He told me I had a very high mercury toxicity throughout my body and organs. He started me on chelation therapy. He tests me every 2 - 3 weeks. It's like peeling of an onion in that he treats the heavy hitters first and then when those go down it will bring up different heavy hitters.

    I bought Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Environmental Illness by Burton Goldberg 5 years ago and after reading the book I felt my problem was mercury toxicity. However, finding a doctor was not to be.....until now.

    Granted, mercury toxicity is not going to be everyone's problem or onset of these DD's but it is definitely worth checking into IF you go to a doctor who is trained in chelation therapy.

    Just because one has their fillings replaced does not guarantee that they will get better. The person needs to prepare their body (through chelation) before getting their fillings replaced. Then have them replaced by an environmental dentist. If a regular dentist replaces them, the mercury just goes back into your body because they don't take the precautions that environmental dentists take.

    I have been seeing my doctor since Jan 9th and my body still is not ready to have my fillings replaced. I'm hoping for within the next 4 - 6 weeks.

    You can do a search for Field Control Therapy under title. I have been posting after each visit. The doctor also clues into other problems, not just mercury toxicity.

    There is also a doctor in Chappaqua, NY who uses Field Control Therapy. His name is Dr. Savely Yurkovsky, M.D. If anyone lives halfway close to him I highly recommend him. I definitely think it would be worthwhile if you could go.

    I see a doctor in Georgia who trained under Dr. Yurkovsky and he said Dr. Yurkovsky is great. Do a google search for Dr. Savely Yurkovsky and then click on his website. His phone number is at the bottom of the pages.

    My doctor's website is drdaveou dot com. His explains Field Control Therapy (FCT) better. FCT can treat a lot of different symptoms, syndromes and diseases.

    It is totally painless. The main thing is you would need to follow a candida yeast diet (no sugar).

    Once again...just my 2 cents worth,
  17. Bunchy

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    But I was tested for heavy metals and all including mercury were negative.

    A lot of different things seem to cause all our problems although heavy metals are well worth ruling out.

    Bunchy x
  18. skierchik

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    It's not SIMPLE, believe me, some of us have suffered a long time because of these poisons. Mercury is the most toxic metal on this earth except for plutonium!

    It also is the cause of alot of cancers and this is backed up by solid research. Most of us have been trying to get the mercury out of our bodies for a long time. I had my silver fillings taken out 8 years ago, but mercury doesn't come out w/o a fight. And it's expensive too. I bought two supplements from my doc today which he said I needed and that cost me $97.00. That's a fraction of what I have to take on a daily basis. Mercury poisoning has caused many mineral deficiencies.

    There's nothing simple about it!! Just thought you should know.

  19. auntyemnga

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    What tests were you given to determine if you had heavy metals or not?

    The FFC did a blood test for mercury and it came back negative. However, this doctor I'm currently seeing was able to determine that I indeed had mercury toxicity.

    I was just curious as to what kind of tests you had.

  20. auntyemnga

    auntyemnga New Member


    I just looked at your profile and saw you are in London. I don't know if it is feasible for you but my doctor told me about a doctor in Ireland that also uses Field Control Therapy.

    His name is Simon Rees. Do a search under my user name. I put a post about 'great doctor in Ireland'.

    Just a thought,

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