Mercury Poisoning from Candle Wicks? Help, please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mar19, Dec 20, 2009.

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    I haven't posted on this board in quite a long time, but I think I recall seeing some information about exposure to certain candle wicks (burning and/or handling) and mercury poisoning. Does anyone have any information about this topic?

    My cousin has made candles for years. She's been quite ill for the past year or so; doctor's have been unable to Dx her illness until 6 months or so ago. The verdict is mercury poisoning, but they have been unable to trace the source of it.

    I *think* I may have read a post here about that very subject. If anyone can affirm or deny that for me, I'd be very grateful. I did do a search, but I wasn't able to come up with anything. Perhaps because it was way back from the old format of this board? Thanks for your help.

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    the major problem with candlemaking is usually the wicks, they have lead, even tho there's supposed to be a law from 1970s against having it in the wicks.. Apparently some can have mercury. Even if she knows what she's been using, it may be debatable if it's actually disclosed, especially if they're from China.

    Also, does she have the typical 'silver' mercury amalgams? I had high levels of mercury, apparently from that as I had a mouthfull. If she does, she should have them removed eventually by a mercury free dentist that has the proper equipment so she doesn't absorb any more into her system either orally or nasally (breathing 'dust' in) as they're removed.

    I hope she feels better once she's chelated it all out...

    all the best,
  3. Mar19

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    Victoria ~

    Thanks for your input. What you've said here is pretty much what I remember hearing. I'm going to have to pass whatever information I get onto her thru an intermediary. She hasn't talked to me in 3 or 4 years; she has a long history of psychiatric/emotional problems and would discount anything from me as rubbish. As long as I get her the info I don't care how she gets it or who gets the credit. I just don't want her to be this ill anymore.

    It could possibly be the mercury fillings too. My dad's family all grew up on the same street and we all went to the same dentist as a child. I had a mouthful of mercury amalgams as well, I'm sure she either has or had them. I'll pass that info on to her thru my uncle, the brother of both of our fathers and the only living member of that generation.


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