Mercury poisoning

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    First of all, I want to thank you for your weekly newsletters re: CFS & Fibromyalgia. Having battled CFS for over 40 years, I eagerly peruse each of your articles.

    Have just read your experience with mercury poisoning and your healing process -- very informative.

    It's easy to understand your problem with mercury because of your skin having direct contact with it. Just last week, I told my dentist about a crowned tooth which was "tested" by a dentist for mercury sensitivity some years back. Of all teeth in my mouth, this one exuded the most "mercury rays." Since the crown on this tooth broke and will be re-crowned next week, I asked him if the old amalgam tooth stub should be removed.

    He told me about some recent dental testing that "proves" these facts:

    (1) Mercury is only released at the boiling point and no human body ever reaches that heat level;

    (2) Crowned teeth totally cover the mercury material so there is no possibility of any vapors escaping.

    What are your thoughts about this information? I would really appreciate hearing.

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    There have been many studies that show that amalgam fillings constantly out gas small amounts of mercury vapor. This is exacerbated by heat, but it goes on at normal body temps. Having different types of metals in your mouth also increases the rate at which it releases mercury. Not sure where your dentist is getting his info. That doesn't mean mercury is causing your CFS, but it might be worth checking. Get a hair test from DDI and follow the counting rules.
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    Mercury gives off vapor, its a liquid at room temperature. Of course it gives off vapor.

    As you bite on that tooth surface you wear some amalgam away. Of course.

    Moriam manages the website for the Yahoo Adult Metal Chelation Forum. Here is her compilation of postings by Dr. Andrew Cutler Ph.D. Chemistry:

    Nothing for sale at this website.
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    I read on web a article about the dangers of mercury, tuna teeth ect. It said mercury causes a poison gas that entensifies problems .... especially Candida conditions.
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    1. Many dentists will say just about anything & ignore the research re the dangers of amalgam due to they, the ADA, has a vested/$$$ interest in the amalgam industry.

    2. If you have a metal crown glued to an amalgam post/filling, that is the worst situation possible.

    Think about it, two dissimiliar metals brought together inside your mouth, in a warm & moist environment. This creates a "battery" effect in your mouth, which has consequences not only to your dental health, but also to other major organs, including the brain.

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