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    I came across something that is kept “HUSHED UP” by the head medical & dental people! MERCURY POISONING! It comes from the fillings and other dental work that people have done! Half of the filling is made from Mercury!!!

    If you have symptoms that get overlooked and/or ignored by your Dr’s it would be well worth your time to check it out! Start by googling “smoking teeth” to see a video. This site starts with letters “iao…” In the upper right corner area is a picture in bright green with a man in it that says “SMOKING TEETH”. Click on this! (If you have dial up, like I do, it will take forever to download. I watched it for the first time at a dr’s office, the one who is helping me with this and then I went to my parents and showed them & watched it several more times at their house on dsl). It put me in shock and made me cry!! (½ my mouth is dental work!) You can google the symptoms for mercury poisoning and see for yourself the list goes on and on for this and read how DANGEROUS it is!! And DEADLY!!! It is worth the time to research!

    I talked my rheumy dr into running the blood work for me, even though he does not believe this! Him and many many others say there is not enough “EVIDENCE” to support this claim as the video shows!! But how can “Head Medical People” says this!! There is proof enough in the video! Do they not understand how life altering this is for people like us????

    The person (with whom I will call Jane Doe) who first brought this to my attention has fibro and many other problems like I do. Jane Doe is in the medical field and came across it thru very reliable medical connections and started the long road to recovery by getting the dental work removed! Several years afterwards Jane Doe is doing fantastic!!! Has very few problems with the fibro, etc… Jane Doe has a “NORMAL” life now!!! Jane Doe was mis-diagnosed for 18 years!!!

    FYI… there is one site that has a long list of symptoms and goes into detail regarding them. I printed it and marked off the ones that I have (I have more than ¾ of the lists) for my dr to see along with how long I have been having them and how they get ignored, etc… It made me realize just how bad off I am and what I have gotten use to having in my everyday life!! How I have learned to adjust everything to go along with these symptoms!!! It's horrible!!! I have been going thru some major depression issues lately regarding my illness(s) and how I am unable to do anything any more! I get tired from doing dishes!! laundry!!! just the small minor things in life!!! My dogs are even depressed because "mom" doesn't have energy to go outside and throw ball lately!!! And now I am working on having the dental work redone or removed!! Not sure yet which will happen, but I am ready!!! For once I have HOPE again!!! Something that has been gone from my life for a very long time!!!

    I hope that this info helps someone at least!!! God Bless and Praying for all to have a painfree and full energy day(s)!!!


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    Hi Missy - Before spending money on getting your dental amalgams removed and replaced, you might want to really research this first. Very few people get symptom relief from replacing their amalgams with composite fillings. Composites are much more expensive and don't last as long as they are made from a weaker material, they are more prone to allowing the tooth to become infected, and some people have an allergy to the material they are made from.

    Read testamonials from people who have spent thousands of $$$ replacing their dental work to find out that they are no better off now than they were before. If I can find the web-site I will give you the address.

    If you really do have mercury poisoning, it will show up on a standard blood test, without provocation. Another thing to watch out for is that labs who do the provocation test, usually use the reference ranges for testing without provocation. Also some labs have been known to use extremely low ranges that aren't considered the "norm".

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    Anchorholds, thanks for the support!!! I am working with "Jane Doe" who is a dr and went thru this herself! And since I just found out about it I am still researching and collecting all the info I can. But she adviced as follows:

    "....going to do the hair analysis he (the dr) has to get the kit from Doctors Data Inc. That is the lab that performs this test. They also have the kits for the urine test for heavy metals but if he does not do a provocation test with DMSA the urine test is useless. In the hair, it will be best if your mercury is high. That means your body is trying to get rid of it and still can do it. Since you have dental amalgams I will prefer a high mercury in the hair. If that is not the case and the mercury levels are low, that is a problem because your body cannot get rid of it without help...."

    Part of the trouble is finding a dr who is familar with this! That is one thing I am searching for right now! And I also know that you have to go thru a "detoxing" process after the removal of the fillings! I have a name of a nutritionist for this one. She has done others sucessfully! And a dentist that believes in this and has a "mercury free" clinic!!!

    Thanks again!

    LISALOO New Member

    Yes, get tested first. I got rid of mine,did DMSA, but feel no better, just porer, with whiter teeth!

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