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    I had horrible teeth as a kid which resulted in me having a mouth full of fillings(amalgams). Is there a way to test for this, because I experience around 60% of the mercury poisoning symptoms found ont his page.

    friends and family have also noticed some of these negative effects(fatigue,irritability, severe anxiety, shyness, generaly not being myself) and abdominal pain has been continuing for over a week now. At first I thought it was food poisoning, but after seeing a doctor and getting antibiotics it has gotten worse.

    I am new here so any info or tips would be much appreciated.
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    My mouth must look like yours!! I don't know how old you are, but I'm 46 & my mercury-laden fillings began gradually breaking down about 6 or 7 years ago, so I decided to replace them with the composites (not knowing anything, at the time, about the whole mercury toxicity issue; I was just trying to "update" my mouth). Anyway, a couple of years into this process, my Fibro symptoms started.......can't say for sure it's totally related to this, but may be??? I was recently tested by my allergist/immunologist for mercury, and my level was not off-the-charts high, but it WAS higher than normal. I'm doing the chelation therapy (a drug called Chemet) now to remove the mercury from my system. I actually have two more amalgam fillings to get removed. There are dentists that specialize in doing this by a method that is safer than an average dentist (otherwise mercury can leech out in the removal process----I think this is what happened to me originally), however don't fret too much if you can't find one. My allergist/immunologist (whom I really trust in this area) said that if a regular dentist does the work, we wil just chelate during the process to remove any mercury that might escape. (Chelation involves taking Chemet for 3 days, while drinking huge quantities of water; Chemet bonds with the mercury, & the water flushes it out of your body. The third day, you do a urine collection, which is tested to see how successful the chelation was. There is also IV chelation, too, I believe for more serious cases).

    Anyway, your first step would be to find a doctor who tests for metals toxicity. Some dentists actually do this, I found my doctor through an FM/CFS support group in my area. I would just do a thorough internet search, and/or start making calls in your local area; health care providers who practice alternative medicine may at least know what direction to point you in, even if they themselves don't test. Check FM/CFS support groups, if you have them, they can be a wealth of info for local resources.

    Good luck, hope I've been of some help, and you'll probably get more responses from others here who have been thru this (I'm sure they are here!)

    Take care,