mercury posioning and cfs

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    Does anyone have any info about the connection between cfs and mercury posioning. I read somewhere here about the affects of mercury posioning and cfs and was just wondering if anyone ever got better after having the fillings removed. Does anyone know about Epstein Barr virus and the possibility of getting this virus from mercury exposure? My daughter has EBV for 8 months now and is getting sicker and sicker. She had silver fillings and silver caps put on her teeth about 8 years ago and her new dentist says they have to be removed. I am now wondering if this is why she is so sick, from mercury exposure. I also read that getting them removed can be more dangerous then from leaving them in. Does anyone know what would be the proper test to determine the level of mercury before having them removed? Thanks for any imput.
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    Yes, there is definitely a connection between mercury & CFS. I have that problem, I am just discovering, from dental amalgams that I got as a young teenager. I can look back at my medical history, and it is there all right. Also, mercury is in most vaccinations, in a preservative called Themerosol (sp?). Part of my history with mercury includes flu vaccinations which I got about 3 - 4 years ago, and which I always felt had seriously affected my health. I didn't know about the Themerosol at that time, though. I think that once the immune system is weakened by the mercury, then a person's body is wide open to EBV or whatever else comes along.

    There are many mercury toxicity sites online some of which are:;;

    In any case, you can just type in mercury toxicity, and more websites will come up than you have time to read. There is also a website by Dr. Cutler called Very tired. Need to lie down. Marie
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    Mercury is a poison. That said, I need to ask if your daughter drinks diet soda or chews gum.
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    Although, we don't know for sure yet, there seems to be a subset of us who had their CFS triggered by heavy metal toxicity, mercury being the biggest culprit.

    There is a challenge test using IV DMPS that can measure heavy metals in the urine. My mercury levels were high and I've been chelating for a while now.

    I had my fillings removed by a Dentist who used a safe protocol. There are many Dentist who do this. Check the web site of the IAOMT.

    There are no guarantees but getting rid of the toxins takes one layer of problem away regardless. The body does not have to work so hard.

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    No, she doesn't drink diet soda, but yes she does chew gum. Why do you ask? And what is chelating? I have been reading about people saying they are chelating, but what is that???
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    Chewing gum can be bad because it pulls the mercury into your system. Diet soda is just bad.......

    My son, who is 19, has had CFS for a little over 2 years now. He saw a doctor who believes in mercury poisoning and that was the first thing he said- was to get the mercury out. We went to a dentist (not a biological dentist) and requested that he give him oxygen and use some rubber dams to keep mercury from falling down into his mouth during removal. We didn't see immediate improvement, so I was a bit discouraged. He tried some different chelations and detox and , a year after the removal, I'd say he's 90% recovered. So I think it was the removal and prayer combined that have made him better.

    To do a search on chelation, type in the search box above. Cilantro is a good chelator- try eating pesto made with some cilantro! It's pretty good!
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    All chewing gum (even regular) contains aspartame. Get her to stop chewing it and there's a possibility you'll see great improvement. I still suffer from the effects of this deadly poison.
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    I had my Amalgam fillings removed 5 years ago and my health continued to decline. I chelated with DMSA from 1to1vitamins. My health continued to decline and got EBV & CMV so bad, that I now have CFS.

    Based on all my symptoms, I suspected mercury, so I did a hair analysis and it found Lead, Cadmium, Antimony & Arsenic. Very little mercury, but the combined metal toxicity makes any symptom prediction impossible.

    I'm chelating out now with DMSA 12.5mg/4hours, 3 days ON and now 11 days OFF. Take a good multi-mineral supplement to replenish all the minerals.

    Chelating is hard on the body, so it best to get a hair analysis first to see what you're dealing with.

    After 3 rounds, I'm better. I've also joined another forum in Yahoo called Adult Metal Chelation...I'm still the AllWXRider.