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  1. Kombucha

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    Hi everyone,

    In the newsletter today Rich Carson speaks of his treatment for mercurly poisoning.

    When I was in 8th grade, a kid brought half a mason jar of liquid mercury to school that he found in his basement. We all shared it, divided it up, raced the beads of mercury around the floor, kept it in our desk, and generally I think kept it around for a week. The teacher did know about this and didn't stop it, uneducated teacher I guess. Finally after a large collection in the jar was spilled all over the floor with beads everywhere, the teacher got mad and said to get rid of it, and the janitor came in to sweep it all up.

    Maybe it is time I look into mercury detoxification myself! I am 42 now and have had CFS since my early 20's.

    How could I contact Rich Carson for what he is doing for that sort of mercury poisoning that is not dental amalgam? Since that is the sort of exposure I had.

    Thank you for any ideas. I'd like to be able to contact Rich myself.

  2. sascha

    sascha Member

    and am interested in finding ways to get it out of my system. i don't want to have all my fillings changed, as i've talked to a number of people who say it didn't really help their CFIDS symptoms. also it's very expensive.

    i have read that chlorella is effective in drawing out heavy toxic metals, so i've started that, but i want to find out more.

    so i am wondering how Rich Carson did it, too. if you find out, please post! thanks- Sascha
  3. webintrig

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    Check this out...I have fillings in my teeth.

    I have a garage door opener.

    If I point the garage door opener at my mouth in an angle away from the garage will open them.


    I have broken a therometer in my mouth before but only got the liquid on my hands...not to sure about that was along time ago.

    I did not realize until just recently that mercury is toxic. I also live in a polluted city all my life and had smokers lungs by the age in my twenties.

    I think the air we breathe has a major impact on us to.
    You never know what the plants are releasing in the air and I have been close enough to a plant that blew up and they did not even evacuate us.

    Well I am very curious about the mercury thing. I think if we all keep talking and remember things that happen way back then it will help us closer to finding out what has made us sick.

    Praying for a cure,
  4. deliarose

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    Like did the human TF help? Is it still only available in Italy?

    I know he takes Chlorella for mercury. But how much does he take and how often?

    These and loads more.. but that's enof for now...

  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I chelated, using oral DMSA... oddly I felt better while chelating, only know one other person who did (funny enough it was my doctor) - but went back to feeling the same once I was done.

    I had a lot of fillings- one at least per tooth- due to a crooked dentist, but also ate tuna regularly. I was told that since most were old fillings that probably most of the mercury was gone at this point, but I did last year have it all replaced (by an educated mercury-free dentist) as I had several crowns cracking, wanted to just get it all over with. Huge expense tho.

    Wish I could say any of it made an obvious difference, but it hasn't. However, I still am glad I did, as the mercury would've made a difference surely in the 'long run' of my life... and getting my dental stuff redone can only help build my immune system.

    If anyone does replace mercury fillings, be sure to go to a mercury-free/safe dentist who is educated, and be sure to get the Clifford test, a simple blood test that tests for reactions to many dental materials to see what can be used for replacement.


    PS: I went to an excellent high school, way back when, but, the mercury was just sitting in a flask in the science classes ... twice it was broken, and yep, everyone was helping to get it all up, using folders, hands, etc....

  6. mollystwin

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    I would guess that you are suffering from Mercury poisoning! You have had huge exposure! Do you have contact with anyone else in your class to see how they are doing?

    About mercury detox. I have read over and over that a person should never chelate with chlorella without first removing the mercury fillings because it will draw the mercury out of the fillings into your body. Get the fillings removed first, by a dentist who knows how to do it correctly and then chelate.

    My sis just did this recently and I may do it soon. Her fillings were all old, so her insurance paid all but $500. Still expensive, but worth it to her. She had a mouth full of metal! He did it all in one day and she said it was a piece of cake! She is chelating now and has very pretty teeth!!
  7. m5shelly

    m5shelly New Member

    Who knew? I had a little jar of mercury, thinking it was 'cool'. I never knew it was a big deal, a liquid metal was neat to me then. I learned over time that I shouldn't have played with the stuff... but I didn't ingest any or anything like that. I spilled the stuff on the carpeting in my bedroom when I was like 15. I should probably check out my levels too then.
  8. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    The dangerous exposure is breathing in the vapors, which you would have by either spilling it in the car as Rich Carson did , or playing with it as a kid, or having an open container near you. You don't have to swallow it.

    Nowadays, a broken thermometer in a school is heavy environmenal clean-up , full suits, repirators, and the school is evacuated as soon as a break happens. It is never taken lightly, in fact this happened in North Carolina I read in the paper in the Triangle area a few months ago, can't remember if it was Durham but I think so and there were immediate blood tests to check the levels.

    Thats how toxic it is! I'd like to use a medically proven way to detox, as I think that is what Rich Carson did/does. I just don't have any faith in chlorea being state of the art treatment. And I think so many have had no relief at all thinking that their teeth might be a problem then having thier fillings removed. Fillings is a problem certainly for a very small percentage of the population, but prolonged inhaled exposure is some serious stuff I'd say for 99% of those exposed (just guessing).

    So pray that Rich Carson writes me back and I will post immediately what he says.

  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    From what my CFIDS doctor and my merc-free dentist both told me, since most of my fillings were over 30 years old, probably most of the mercury was already leached out. They even told me I could have them replaced as needed, as long as I chelated and got tested regularly. AND to stop eating tuna etc!

    I did come out very high on a 24-hour urine provocation test, and when retested was almost 100% free of it... there's no way -- whether I'm showing symptoms or not -- that a doctor would tell me to not chelate it out after getting those results. Even tho I did not 'get better' from the chelation, I think taking care of things like that is part of laying a good foundation for getting better.

    What I think this tells me and others is that not all of us are affected by the same things the same way. Sort of like people who can have lyme in their system yet are asymptomatic.

    I know everytime my husband and I do any kind of tests, he always comes out worse (ie, for the urine provocation test, he was quite high on all kinds of things, including tin & arsenic!), yet he functions much, much better than I do.

    I do think that in the long run being tested and getting it out if too high will only help support one's immune system. . . but for most will only prove to be a piece of the puzzle, even tho it doesn't appear to 'do' anything.

    all the best,

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  10. shnopee

    shnopee New Member

    After I was diagnosed with FM and was trying to figure out contributing factors, I kept asking my doctors to check me for lead, specially when we were trying to get pregnant because I was concerned that I might have high levels after we renovated an old Victorian and was scraping away old paint with a heat gun, sanding belt, etc, before I even knew about lead paint and how bad that is for you. Every single blood test came out negative, and I could tell that the doctors didn't really believe me but just did it to "shut me up".

    I was finally referred to a doctor whose practice is geared towards integrative health care - Western medicine and Complementary/Alternative Medicine. They are traditional Western doctors who combine the best of both worlds and believe that there is a lot of merit to Alternative medicine. I told him again that I suspect I have lead poisoning and asked him to test me for it - the process was much different from all the past regular blood tests they did. What I was told to do was take a chelating agent(Chemet) in high doses, every 4 hours (like the previous posters described). Then I was asked to collect urine and stool samples with kits provided by Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab (

    I tested positive for lead AND mercury which I didn't even suspect and took chelating medicine to "provoke" it out of my system. The term they use when being tested after taking chelating agents is "post-provocation".

    I think the reason why I never tested positive with regular blood tests was because the exposure was a long time ago (this is key) and therefore, it is no longer present in the bloodstream but basically absorbed by the organs(?). So if your experience with the suspected metal is several years ago, a regualr blood test is not going to be reliable. I think the most important one is to do the "post provocation" which means you take a chelating agent prescribed by the docotr to provoke the metal out of your system, and then that's when they test you.

    I did feel infinitely much better while I was taking the chelating agent but not for long. As the previous poster mentioned, people have different tolerance levels of what our body can take, after having FM for this long, I've realized that if your body is burdened more than usual, not getting enough rest/sleep/expercise/too much stress, etc then I am more susceptible to reacting to things that won't ordinarily affect me.
  11. Pianowoman

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    I tested high for mercury on the provocation test about 3 years ago. I have since had my fillings replaced and had several different kinds of treatments.

    I took Chlorella, which actually is one of the best supplements to take for heavy metal poisoning. I took a Canadian product called AMD by Genestra whcih may be somewhat similar to the Methionine Complex sold by Pro Health. I had DMPS IV treaments and Far-Infrared sauna treaments. I found the DMPS difficult to tolerate and the doctor didn't want me to continue them.

    I have just last week done another test to check the levels and I'm hopeful that they are way down! I wish I could report that now. I am feeling better but I have a ways to go yet.They say it takes years to clear one's system of mercury. Then, of course, there's the other issues like viruses!

    A really good resource for all this is the book by Sherry Rogers called Detoxify or Die. Great title! There is also lots of stuff on the board if you do a search.

  12. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    WOW. When I was a kid the science teacher actually had us plunge our hands in mercury, roll it about and even put it on our tongues. A lot of us got sick and the doc thought it was some liver disease I forget the name. For years I never gave blood because I thought we had had this liver disease when a kid.

    Then of course, I discovered we all had mercury poisoning and these days the hazmaz team would be called in and we all would be in hospital isolation and all our clothing got rid of etc.

    I think they detx using bicarbonate of soda in some form. I too, would like to know. I have been tested for mercury as I wonder if any got in the bones, but it is hard to test for. None shows up in blood or hair/nails.

    Love Anne
  13. sascha

    sascha Member

    i am going to copy it out- Sascha
  14. victoria

    victoria New Member

    is the urine provocation test - you also take a provoking agent (to get the mercury to release from your tissues). I had a 24 hour test, my DH had a 6 hour test, not sure if there's difference in results, ie, whether one is supposed to be better or not. Great Smokies Lab is good as is Doctor's Data.

    As others said, it will not show up in blood, and my neither my hair samples nor my husband's were ever high in anything even tho the urine test showed very high.

    all the best,
  15. cct

    cct Member


    I have been told that I need to detox for heavy metals.

    I had no idea how to begin the process.

    This information has been most helpful.
  16. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    Here's how dumb I was. I found a jar of mercury in an old ruined railroad station and took it home to polish my dimes. My dad finally took it away. Where did all those dimes go?? Yes, I had a very sick childhood. Now that I teach chemistry, I preach and preach.
  17. victoria

    victoria New Member

    which is not to say everything is a lie there... but an awful lot of misinformation. Barrett has gotten sued and lost in fact on some cases.

    Swedeboy - you would be best off if you contact a doctor who does these things. It is worthwhile to do testing as that way, after chelating for a while, you can test again to see how well you're doing, and if you need to get rid of more or not. By being retested at a certain point, my DH was able to stop chelating sooner than the doctor thought he would. It is also satisfying to actually KNOW there isn't any more mercury or other heavy metals you may or may not show up with initially.

    MCS is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity... multiple allergies to environmental things like glues, exhaust fumes, perfumes, as well as food additives, foods, etc.


  18. victoria

    victoria New Member

  19. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    I received two e-mails back regarding the newsletter. I don't think Rich Carson is gonna write me back on this.

    EMAIL 1
    Thank you for your suggestions. We appreciate any input you can recommend to us that will assist in helping our community.
    If you require a response we will get back to you within 24hrs. Mon. - Fri.

    Linda, thanks for the nice letter, question, and insight. - Newsletter team

    Both were dated the 4th. I only wrote one e-mail, pretty close to the post that opens this thread, so their response is bizaar in that I asked for a reply from Rich Carson.

    Oh well,


  20. richcarson

    richcarson Moderator

    Greetings Linda, I received I received several letters in response to last week's 'Founders Corner' and have not had a chance to return all of them. Perhaps I can answer some questions regarding my mercury protocol here

    I have no doubt that mercury toxicity can play a major role in causing CFS and I am quite certain that it was a significant factor in the pathogenesis of my CFS. Please check out my article on the 10/11/06 Founder’s Corner for details on my story. A few things you should know about mercury: it is ubiquitous and is commonly found in seafood, in most dental fillings (amalgams), and even in the environment. Plus, once absorbed into the body, mercury has a half life of about 35 years—meaning that it takes the average person’s body 35 years to remove half of the mercury load it had at the time of exposure. That’s a long time to have a potentially lethal neurotoxin poisoning your body.

    My diagnosis of mercury toxicity was made with a 24 hour urine sample after IV injection of the heavy metal chelating drug, DMPS. This drug forces mercury out of cells where some of it removed by the kidneys and excreted in the urine. My mercury levels showed significant mercury toxicity.

    Much of the mercury that leaves the cells will ultimately be redistributed into other cells throughout the body, primarily to kidney and brain cells. The DMPS test made me quite sick for at least a month--something I attribute to the redistribution of mercury and not to the actual drug. I concluded that DMPS would be too radical of an approach to use in the initial stages of my mercury protocol.

    I immersed myself in mercury toxicity and detoxification research after finding that I had mercury poisoning. I spoke with dentists, pathologists, toxicologists, and the director of the lab that tested my mercury levels, Great Smokey Labs. I also talked with Andrew Hall Cutler, author of "Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment" and learned a lot from him. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Cutler's book.

    The most popular mercury removal (chelating) drugs are DMPS (via IV injection), oral DMSA, BAL,, and D-penicillamine. Since DMPS made me quite ill and can cause mercury redistribution in the body, and because the other drugs use a similar mode of action, I decided to use a natural approach for mercury removal. Initially my goal was to reduce my mercury levels into the high normal range using this approach, and then use DMPS until the level was in the low normal, at which time I would use the oral drug, DMSA, to bat ‘clean up---particularly since DMSA is very effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier..

    But in order to use these drugs, it is important to first have all amalgams removed prior to initiating treatment. I had a number of amalgams as well as several crowns that needed to be removed in order to inspect the underlying tooth for amalgams. The entire dental process took almost a year.

    The amalgam removal process should be done by a dentist who is sensitive to the intricacies and dangers of mercury removal; a 'biological dentist' is preferable, and you can contact the organization, The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology for information and/or recommendations in your area. The last thing you want to do is absorb more mercury during the removal process (picture a high speed drill pulverizing mercury amalgams--releasing mercury vapor (which is efficiently absorbed by the lungs). Also, amalgam particles can be swallowed in the removal process can end up in exactly where you don’t want it—your cells. Use of a rubber dam is therefore imperative, and breathing supplemental oxygen or air is preferable, though I used only the dam.

    I loaded my body up with natural mercury chelators and other nutrients prior to each appointment in order to support my body. Immediately following each dental procedure I would immediately go to my doctor’s office for an IV Infusion of glutathion, vitamin C, and vitamin B complex.

    In the meantime, my research strongly indicated to me that I should take certain nutrients which have the ability to chelate and remove mercury naturally. These important nutrients were added to my daily supplement list. One of the main tricks is to include nutrients that boost the body's production of intracellular glutathion, which is frequently low in CFS patients anyway. Products that boost glutathion production and help facilitate mercury removal include N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), d/L-methionine, selenium, theanine, SAMe, and glycine. Alpha lipoic acid and the sulfur bearing compounds MSM and garlic are helpfult for mercury removal as well.

    Cilantro is also a very important part of my daily protocol and I juice it every day and drink it in my super veggie drink. I juice four bunches per week. I also take nutrients to support my liver function, primiarily milk thistle extract, and I recommend this supplement to anybody who is interested in detoxing from heavy metal toxicity and from the toxicity of having CFS or FM.

    Chlorella is a critical part of my protocol and I take four to six caps with almost every meal. Chlorella bonds irreversibly to mercury and is a very effective mercury 'magnet'. The reason I take chlorella with meals is that I that the majority of mercury in our bodies is removed by way of the liver. The mechanism looks like this: mercury is removed from cells--goes into the blood plasma--is removed by the liver--goes into the gallbladder to be excreted with bile--and is secreted into the digestive tract via bile to digest fats when food is eaten. A significant percentage of that mercury is reabsorbed from the bile/intestinal tract where it goes back into the blood--and back into cells. Ouch! I therefore take chlorella to bond to mercury to prevent its reabsorbing from bile.

    I also take chlorella every time I eat any type of seafood, because I am of the opinion that this superfood will bond to mercury and prevent its absorption in the first place.

    My mercury levels returned to a normal level after two years though my CFS began to improve about four months after I began my protocol. According to my research findings, ther may be some risks associated with taking some of these products because of the possibility of mercury redistribution; do your research and take the approach of being better safe than sorry. Pharmaceutical options can be pretty radical, and so can the nutrients NAC and alpha lipoic acid. Please do your researches before you take NAC, alpha lipoic acid, or any of the pharmaceutical drugs previously mentioned.

    I hope this information is helpful to you. The important thing to know is that you can rid your body of mercury safely and effectively. Patience and research should be the two key main ingredients in developing your mercury protocol regardless of how you choose to proceed. In any event, appropriate ‘challenge’ testing is imperative, particularly other tests may not detect mercury that was absorbed into cells long ago.

    I will post this as a separate post on the bulletin board so that other people who wrote to me about my mercury detox protocol can check it out as well.

    Good luck. Be well.


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