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    Today I feel very humbled as I look outdoors at the beautiful sky filled with the brilliant colors of the sunrise, the wind blowing the tree branches so migtily, and the snow lying white and pure on the ground. The glory and majesty of God at work!

    As I look at all the beauty I remember that once there was a small babe born in a lowly manger who was the Son of this great God, sent to us to show us the way to live a life worthy of eternal life.

    Perhaps our lives aren't easy....filled with pain, rejection, and sometimes despair.....but so was that little baby's as he grew beyond manhood and was ridiculed, tortured and killed. Now, over 2000 years later we still remember and celebrate that tiny baby. That in itself, to me, proves that He is real, He is God! This small Jesus opened the pathway to heaven for all of us.

    What a wonderful day! I wish all my friends here peace, joy, and happiness today and always!
    Love you all...........Merry Christmas!!!! .......Jole
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    Merry Christmas

    May all find peace and comfort within