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  1. gb66

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    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of you. I appreciate everyone on this board so much and I'm grateful for you all. Have a wonderful day!

    And thank you to ProHealth too! :) Hugs, GB
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  2. rockgor

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    Hi Kiddo

    The day is winding down like a tired clock as Thornton Wilder said in his most
    famous play. From the reports of various posters, look like most of us had
    a nice Christmas. Or at least a quiet one.

    Gordon's niece stopped by. She brought some sort of cake. Gordon in turn
    gave her a big hunk of his bundt cake to take home. She gave him some
    tips on operating his new track phone. It all sounded much too complicated
    to me.

    Yes, the Board has been a part of my life for the past decade or so. My social
    life. And a source of info, support and laughs. Glad you're part of it.

    Thank you, Pro Health.

    Rock :)
  3. gb66

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    Rock, Sounds like a nice day for all of you. I slept through most os Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Still not feeling quite up to par.

    We had some ham and side dishes but I didn't have too much appetite. I'm slow cooking a chicken and making a corn casserole right now, in the middle of the night. :)

    I've been on ProHealth for a number of years too but I haven't done much posting until the last year. I can't keep up with the pace on Chit Chat! The Homebound is more my speed. It's been almost a year since we started this one. Can't believe it.

    Trying to stay away from a lot of sweets due to the diabetes but I plan to have some dessert tonight, either pie or cake.

    Take care, GB
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  4. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi everybody!

    Happy Holidays and a belated Merry Christmas to all!

    I've been busy, having Kevin home for vacation, playing with the kitties with their Christmas toys, cooking, baking, and just "plain ol" recovering from my dental surgery. I was as happy as could be, when I ate a homemade breaded oyster! And some homemade steamed shrimp. :) -- That meant that I graduated from "cream of..." soups and baby food! Woo Hoo! :D

    I've been around here on PH since 2006, when it was thought I had Rheumatoid Arthritis (back then, there was an Arthritis Board). Over the years my diagnoses changed etc etc... I made friends on the ChitChat Board and just stuck around. I liked chit chatting with y'all. :)

    I still try to keep up with the Porch, but my speed these days is the Homebound board. I really love playing the games here! I send my best wishes to those on both of these boards. Y'all are ... to paraphrase Mikie ... my online family and friends, and y'all are the best!

    It's time to make lunch for Kevin ... I already ate some leftover seafood for my lunch. I'll be back after the 1st, when Kevin goes back to work.

    Love and hugs,
  5. gb66

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    Hi Diane, I'm glad you had such a good holiday! It feels good to eat again I'll bet. Those soft foods get old after awhile. You seem to be a seafood lover. I love shrimp and some types of fish but not so much on the oysters. I'm not a fan of crab or lobster either. Just shrimp, thank you very much. :)

    When I lived in Florida we used shrimp for deep sea fishing. I didn't mind so much baiting the hook with frozen shrimp but didn't care to put a hook into a live one. That seemed cruel to me, but then I guess catching fish is cruel too.

    Have a good new year and we'll see you back later on. GB