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    I read your post about the discounted drugs. and I'd like to know more.Since going on ssi I also got amedigap policy from United America. So of course I have no RX coverage I do have a discount card but it is not worth much. I am beginning to think the whole policy is junk. I have to pay $270.00 for it. but so far I haven't seen much out of them.I am very disapointed in it. I have had it since last Aug.I am not sure I want to keep it.but I didn't have any choice in the state of Ohio.They were the only one that would sale me a medigap policy. I am going to keep it for a few more months for sure and see how things go. In the mean time I am paying though the nose for my meds.with their so called discount card for which I pay $6.95 a month for.
    Any way I read in your profile that you would like to communcate with someone but I don't know how to reach you and I don't want to do anything that will get me kicked off this site coz I love it here.So I am going to put my e-mail address in my profile for a day or so,Okay?


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    I am just bumping this up in hopes that BELLESMOM will see it and reply.