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  1. Lana56

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    Hi,I have another doctor near Boston for FMS
    Name: Don L Goldberg MD
    He is chief ofRheumatology at Newton-Wellesley Hospital
    He has a book also that you may like to read.
    By Don L. Goldenberg,MD
    I have a friend that saw him and she told me he is very good.Wish you luck! Lana56
  2. borntired

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    I have been to Dr.Goldenberg. He diagnosed me 10 years ago. His treatment was Klonopin (which I can't function with) and 20mg of Prozac. Dr. Goldenberg's wife suffers from Fibro as well. He is a very classy gentlemen.

    My problem with Dr. G is that he really didn't (at that time) consider Fatique. He said I should exercise and meditate. That is fine but if you commute more than an hour in each direction and work for a company that only allows 1/2 hr for lunch and then you commute home for an hour, then make dinner do a laundry and "try" to relax - it is hard. He is very nice and professional but he doesn't seem to understand that when you have a full time job, family, home and responsibilities they take up a lot of your time and it is hard to exercise and meditate.

    I would still go to him. I had been to a few other Rheums. in Boston and he is ok.

    I am frustrated because I want something besides drugs to take care of this problem.

    Also, if you are considering SSDI, he will tell you he will not get involved.

    Good Luck.
    Born Tired