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    Celine, I got your email (thank you so much). Could'nt respond because my computer had a major virus and my husband had to wipe out all existing programs and reload everything. Your email got wiped out in the process.
    Hope you had a great vacation - I think we had decent weather?

    I did'nt write down your docs name before it was deleted but I will be seeing a new doc on Friday (also in Verdun!).

    Thanks again,
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    Saw the doc today - he is willing to do more testing.
    He says my symtoms & rashes sound alot like lupus. I had the standard lupus tests done last month but will not know results until Oct. This new doc wants all new tests done anyway.

    I feel a better rapport with this doc - very comfortable. I mentioned FM, he said FM is what they call it when they can't figure it out. I really don't care, as long as he is willing to do more tests.

    Feeling a little more optomistic (sp) about the whole thing.


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    I was just about to post a message to you too lol. What's your new doc's name? I'm glad you're hitting it off with him (her?)! One of the other football moms gave me the name of her rhumatologist, he's at the Montreal General, he specialises in immunology and allergies, AND he's taking new patients in October. I'll let you know if I get in to see him.

    I'm at work right now and gotta go, but I'll give you more details later on. I'll ad my email address into my profile, drop me a line if you have a minute!

    Talk to you later,

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    Got yr address - suggest you delete it asap so as not to get spammed!

    Just getting ready to spend the weekend in the Laurentians -
    hope the weather holds out. I will drop you a line Sunday night.

    Have a good one,