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    I saw your post about the addicitions specialist and needing help with coming off benzos. I will help as much as possible. I think I posted to you on that one, however if you are still having difficulty finding help coming off check out SAMHSA substance abuse treatment Faciltiy Locator. I'm not saying your addicted, it souns like a dependecy problem from being on the meds for so long but a facility might be helpful, go into one of the search engines and look under SAMSHA which is governed by the National Inst. of Health, this service is for anyone , funded by the governement for people to access for help with drug/med issue, this site will give you all the states in the country, agency names what services they provide, insurances or no insurance, location types of tx available etc... It is a locator service through the Government. I use it all the time when referring clients for more intensive treatment paticularly if they are having withdrawl issues. I hope this is helpful coming off the benzos can be real tough, you should NOT be doing it alone to risky for your health. Unfortunatley due to HMO/PPO restrictions facilites have longer waiting times to get in than they ever did and more srtingent criterias for acceptance, particularly any inpatient, check out the sites for detox that may be what you need first. Many facilties offer services for medicaid or Disibility people however due to demand you may have to travel a bit, it just depends on your state and whats available.
    Take care keep us posted.
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    Bump For Jen:

    This could be helpful, Benzos certainly are addictive even if your not an addict they creat major physiological dependency problems in the long term. You cannot safely substutute one bezo for without medical assistance. I really suggest you seek professional help for this one. I have seen to many people try to come off these on their own and land in the hospital. Please seek professional care for this an addictions specialist that is familiar with pain would be appropriate and they do exist. that doesn't mean your an addict). Keep us Posted I am concerned for your well being, however I do not think giving you specfics for treattment is appropriate via the board. I just want to see you come off safely and with ongoing medical support and guidance.


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    I'm not in the US, so the info you gave me won't help me.

    I have tried calling the College of Physcicians and Surgeons for Ontario to find what docs are familiar with benzo withdrawal, weaning and can't get that info.

    I have called the Addiction REsearch foundation which is amalgamated with the leading mental health facility and Centre for Mental Health and Addictions, but have gotten the run around. Otherwise, I can get an appointment in about 5 weeks for an assessment. Or I can be admitted as an inpatient in a detox centre - not feasible for me. I am waiting for a call back from another doctor, but looks like I will have to go see my GP on Monday and have him call the ARF and have them guide him -- if he is willing to do that. I don't think he thinks this is a big deal. He is young and I don't think he knows much about this.

    He is willing to go along with the protocol and tapering schedule I found on the net by Dr. Ashton, which includes the switching to diazepam, but I wanted some personal opinions first, particularly from somebody who has done this.

    Is there no one out there who has come off long term REstoril use and used diazepam to do so?????

    Thanks for your time, Suz.

    Jen F
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    Hi Jen:

    Sorry about the goof up with regards to the US government website, i didn't check your bio. I can understand your concern about detox most people don't want to go that route and if you and your doctor don't think it's indicated than weaning outpatient would be best. The only time substitution is used such as diazepam to my knowledge is during inpatient withdrawl from other meds or alcohol. I guess that is where my concern lies, but if you are being medically supervised until you can get into a program than I would just really watch for withdrawl side effects and be in close contact with your doctor. Really just trying to help I know you are going through a rough time.

    Take care,
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