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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ozgran, May 12, 2003.

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    Hello Lox. Where is out west? I live on the Vic/NSW border, 200 metres from the Murray River. Good to have another from down under on the board. My chemist recommended Bio-Zinc as a ZMA equivalant. It has the Zinc, Magnesium amd B6 and it has most certainly made a big difference to my sleeping etc. I used to get up most nights for a couple of hours, but now usually stay in bed and most often get back to sleep which is just great.Hope this helps in your search. Love Ozgran.
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    Hello OzGran
    I moved from Tassie 6 months ago to WA and at the moment live about 300 klms north of Perth. However looks like we might be moving further north, inland from Port Headland. My partner works in mining hence all the moves.However he is a paramedic too and very involved in the medical side, so that is extremely benificial to me. That means we both get frustrated when we look up the meds mentioned in here and can't find them in OZ :)
    Am going to see an alternative doc. soon that deals with Chinese medicines etc so am looking forward to that, am very discouraged with the "real" doctors these days haha
    Will have a word to the chemist next time I am down in the big smoke and see what they say about ZMA and will also check out Bio_Zinc, thanks for the tip, much appreciated.
    I love this board, I have learnt soooo much.
    Stay well and take care.

    Lauren :)
    Oh by the way, who makes Bio-Zinc?! Just curious after the Pan scare lol
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    I have a neice at Karratha in WA and will be going over to visit "adopted" family in Albany in September. Long way from you I know, but just thought I would mention it. You are safe with the Bio-Zinc. It is made by Blackmores. Yes this board is really great. You get so much info' and support and it really does become like a Family. Vatch ya again soon. Love Ozgran.