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  1. PatPalmer

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    Just had a look at your list - must cost a fortune.
    I wanted to see it because I feel you may be placing extra stress on your system:- To improve it needs careful nurturing, lots of rest, a healthy diet and simple supplements.

    I haven`t all the answers for you but the only advice I can offer is as given on the water post. But will go through your list to see which you may need to drop for now.

    I`m very interested in your Sjogren`s Syndrome, I realised tody that it`s the body in serious dehydration mode, despite that you drink like a fish, it hadn`t switched off till you introduced Sea Salt.

    Is that still improving? Cytolog claims to help with Sjogren`s Syndrome too, so could be a double bonus...

    Love Pat.
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  2. Plantscaper

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    I think I might try upping my salt intake to more than 1/4 teaspoon sea salt and more water, too, although drink like fish, now..Just started dinner for my relatives..I am the main cook, here..

    Having great cantelope this year..this area has some of the best...but it is taking foreever for my tomatoes to ripen..been waiting on them all summer..

    Hope your day is merry,
  3. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    still improvement with Sjogrens Syndrome.

    I know how it feels to be chief cook and bottle washer!!!

    Love Pat.
  4. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Because I used to have a dry mouth all the time, and it became so parched during any work or at the dentist (the dental instruments would stick to the sides of mouth due to lack of saliva)that I would die for a drink of water..but it did not last for long, after drinking..went right back into desert mode..I am a real oddity at my dentist's office..but he prefers me over the drooler's, he says..

    Still need to keep water nearby, but not nearly as parched..but like I said, I might be increasing my salt intake, see how that does and may do the Cytolog, soon..Yea, my supplement bill has been horrendous, but I have really reduced my prescriptions from docs..Now, if I could find a way to sleep without any meds, that would be a huge achievement, but that seems to be my most lasting symptom..however, I have been locked into the hypothyroidism for life, I suppose..would like to never have to see another physician...

    Better go check on dinner,

  5. PatPalmer

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    The Sea Salt really does work then, can`t tell you how delighted I am for you.

    Yes, upping it won`t do any harm.

    As for sleeping well, Dawns sleeping improved as she recovered. At one time she was in complete reversal, it gradually got better in stages, and goes right through the night since being on Cytolog, though still dreams a lot, but used to be nightmares, so more normal now. Phew...

    Dinner sounds interesting - what the heck is cantelope? some kind of deer?

    Off to bed soon, it`s 12.10am

    Lve Pat.
  6. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Well, I did butcher the word, a tadbit..used to be a very good speller, but apparently no more..It is a type of melon...I think it originates from France...

    Well, you probably have gone to beddy-bi,
  7. PatPalmer

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    Thinking i`d got to my age and never heard of it, yes, I love that type of melon too. Knew it sounded familiar...

    Plantscaper, i`m just looking at your list of supplements and wondered if you are taking most of these every day?
    Is it possible for you say how long have you been on these and have they been of any benefit?
    Are you also still on Green Tea etc...

    Another question, what are all your diagnosed symptoms?

    All your body needs right now is fresh Garlic & Onions Sea Salt and Flaxseed Oil daily.
    I`ll explain why more fully in my next post to you. - But you need to take a break from this deluge.

    Love Pat.

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