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    I saw your mail on Imunovir. I live in the UK and just got a prescription for Imunovir on the NHS. I just wanted t let you know in case you were paying for them. I know it would cost £100 for somone overseas so that is maybe thats what you meant !

    I just didn't want you to be spending a fortune !

    Lets hope this medication works for us, I,ve had this illnes for 5 years now and have tried everyting else.

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    You must have quite a sympathetic and open minded GP. I went to my GP and showed my test results and prescription from my consultant for Immunovir. I asked him that since I was paying so much for private treatment, that it would really help if he could prescribe Immunovir on NHS. He said that he doesn't know much about these tests and treatment protocols. He doesn't know enough about the safety record of the drug, so he and his partners in the practice decided they could not prescribe it to me.
    Even the prescription for Zolpidem, to help me with my sleep,I have to get on private prescription, because he thinks it is addictive. I told him that he knew how long I had been sick for and I had to try now whatever I could to get well. I have had cfs for around 15 years but was only diagnosed in 1995. Even then, they said there wasn't much they could do. I have found a really good cfs doctor in London, even though he is really expensive, it has given me a lot of hope with my treatment.
    Please let me know how you get on with your treatment. If you like you can email me at