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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkquartz, Jul 27, 2003.

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    hi hope all went well for you.
    am posting to say i am not getting your emails and can't understand why not.

    let me know if they keep bouncing, do you receive mine?

    are you going to ask for the cortisol?
    my only downside for me is it might be why i am putting on weight. Otherwise i am happy to find something make a tangible difference.

    iam going to try increasing the DHEA to balance the cortisol.
    i wish i could get the hormones tested soon but as its so expensive i have to wait until the cortisol dose is stable and i am trying to cut it down a little, i can't check with my doctor as she is away ill.
    i had a medical friend check my BP last week and it was normal. I was very pleased.
    Are you feeling any better now the weather is cooler ?
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    bumping, hoping to find...
  3. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    ok so you are not here either....when you come back what is a benedryl ?
    hope you feel better soon.......boy you really do have a hyper sensitive system ! i react to lots, but not gnats !

    take care, love, pinkquartz