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    Pixie just posted this at the bottom of another post:

    Hello All, I am a 58 year young mother with 2 daughters one with cfs the other fms, yesterday was one of the worse days of my life, very scarry, my youngest dayghter (fms) was crying, sick to her stomach, very sensitive to tast, smell, noise, hard to swollow, really sick, then called my other daughter she had just returned from doc apt, he blood pressure was 160 over 106, her doc said it was from not smoking for 10 days that her body was adjusting, and it should be better soon, but is keeping close ck on her. that is just a sample of what I go threw daily, and feeling so helpless, I feel as though my children are dying right in front of me and I don't know what to do. time is a problem, working a 4 day a week job, also look after my 82 year old mother. so for all you caregivers I know your feelings, at 58 I should be the sick one, not my children, they are 38 and 41 years of age. thanks for you all for letting me express myself, and good luck to you.