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    I saw your message to me on my post regarding therapy for my neck and shoulder. Decided to post a separate message to you to be sure you see it.

    No, I didn't think you were discouraging me from the therapy. The therapist did tell me to tell her right away if something hurts me. She did a demonstration of myofascial release on me at one of our support group meetings and she was quite gentle. But you are right-you do need to be careful. Our bodies are so sensitive and what doesn't bother the average person can lay us up for weeks.

    I am going to go in with a positive attitude. I just have to do something. I am now starting to notice a little pain in my left shoulder, which is really scaring me. That was my "good" shoulder.

    I have heard of a TENS unit, but don't know exactly what it is. Could you explain further? It sounds like it is helping your pain. I am sure it is expensive. You are fortunate your insurance is covering it.

    My insurance doesn't really cover therapy for FMS, but the therapist said they do a different diagnosis so it is. Thanks for your help and the advice.

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    That is the first time someone has posted a message for me this way! I thought I was in trouble LOL

    Yes, go with a good attitude. It really does help a lot of people.

    The TENS unit - I don't think I know the scientific name, but it is a small unit I clip to my clothing that has a rechargable battery. It has wires that connect to electrodes (for lack of a proper term) that connect to your body in four places. There are circular "pads" you put on your body, surrounding the area that hurts. On the control box, there are different programs or patterns of electric bursts, or shocks that will be sent into the muscles. Sort of like dots and dashes. You control the intensity and the duration of them. The idea, if I understand it correctly, is that it interulpts your body's electric pain signals. I use mine for an hour, then off an hour, on an hour etc. on really bad days. You can move it around to different muscles.

    You can ask your PT about it. It helps break up muscle spasms too. It's commonly used by PT and choirpractors. I rented one from my Rheumy but to buy it was $1800 and it was very large and would only run about 2 hours without being charged for 12. The one I have now is a different brand, very small, runs on rechargeable 9v and runs for days on one charge. It was $700. I had to pay my $500 deductable, but it was well worth it. Now that I have my shoulder injury from the PT, I won't have to pay for the tests etc. since I have now met my deductables anyway!

    Rheumy says she tries to have all of her FM people set up with a TENS at home.
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    Sorry-didn't mean to scare you with the message. Bet it kind of made you feel like you were a kid being called to the principal's office?lol

    Anyway, thanks for the info. This sounds like something that would be helpful for me. Can you put it on at night and sleep with it on or maybe that's too long a time? I will check with the therapist. I start the therapy this afternoon and have my fingers crossed that it will help.

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    they don't want you to sleep with it on.

    To dangerous - you could roll over and oh, I don't know, shock yourself or something or other. Maybe it would be that it would be on the same spot to long? They just told me not to do it... and I didn't ask why.

    I have a kitchen timer that will set for 90 minutes. I lay down before I go to work, and I will set it for 90 minutes, and I fall asleep with it on then... but I don't move (as I prop pillows around me so I am in the same position) and I know the beeper will wake me).

    you can use it while you do other things though. It clips on, so I sit at the computer, or even use it while cleaning house. As long as where you are using it, the little stickon pad stay on, you are good to go.

    Except, no using it in the bathtub. They caution against that when you buy it. Like don't use a hair dryer while in the bath tub.

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    Don't know if you will see this message from me, but hoping you do. I just wanted to thank you for the additional info on the tens unit. I plan to ask my doctor about it when I see him in November.

    I had my first therapy session on Friday. I thought the two hours would drag, but it just flew by. They were very gentle on me and when it was over, said they didn't want me to do any of my regular exercising-just take it easy for the rest of the day. Over the weekend, I didn't notice any additional pain, except for my right hand. During the myofascial massage on Friday, I felt a sharp pain in that hand and she stopped working on that area.

    I read your bio, and like me, I see you also like gardening and cats. I have three cats who are like my children. Are you working full-time? I don't see that you are married, so you probably have to. I am fortunate in that I only work mornings-all I can handle right now.

    Anyway, thanks for your help.

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    to know you got one of the good therapists.

    yes, I do work full time. You probably didn't see that in the profile - I didn't say that I work full time, but I do work for a printing company. I work with computer graphics- I do photo touchup and color correction, and work with design files getting them setup to make printing plates. I have worked in printing since the mid 70's.

    At least it is a sit down job. It's pretty creative, and I enjoy it. So far, I have been able to stay working, although some days, it is not easy.

    Good luck with your therapy!