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    I absolutely love my new neurologist-she sent me the very next day for an MRI of the brain and the cervical spine. She is having a load of blood work done including thyroid and next week I am going for an EEG as well as some kind of nerve testing-an EMG & NCV (a nerve conduction velocity test)She does not treat FM/CFS per say but she is testing me out quite throughly and will treat any and all neurological syptoms that I have. She tends to believe FM/CFS is mainly a rheumatological disease. She also believes I may be able to discontinue Dilantin, which may be causing some of the concentration/ memory problems i am having. Thank-you so much for your reply and I would like to hear more from you concerning your treatment by your neurologist. Are you also working with a rheumatologist for this DD? I have lived in Plant City for about 3 years now but it took some getting used to. We came here from Orlando and are originally from Michigan and we were not used to small town living.It is nice not having to deal with the traffic of the bigger cities but having to drive miles to get anywhere you need to go gets old real fast. We have always lived near family and longtime friends so it was, and still is kinda lonely here.
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    Hi Debbie, I am seeing a Neurologist and a Rheumatologist. Both doctor treat Fibromyalgia. My old Neurologist did not believe in Fibromyalgia. He also did my EMG and Nerve Conduction test. I experienced awful pain during these test. I was crying and at one point I hit the wall as it was so painful. My new Neurologist said that he gives his patients something to help relax you. He said I should have been given a choice. My pain tolerance is very low. I do hope that you are given a choice. I don't mean to scare you but if you know that your pain tolerance is low, do ask for something to relax you. Some people have no problems with these test. I do hope you are one of them and that I did not scare you. Thanks for the reply. Take care.