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    That incidence in Quincy doesn't ring a bell with me, but I thought you'd be interested in this:

    My hometown is Pittsfield, Mass. and for several years now has been the focus of a BIG investigation and subsequent government action against the General Electric Company, who has had a large facility in Pittsfield going back to the early 1940's.

    The city is a HOTBED of PCB's, and the incidences of cancer and birth defects are unbelievable! G.E. made their transformer parts with plastics that were high in PCB's in the 1940's, but back then, PCB's were UNKNOWN, as were the health risks, and when they wanted to dump the waste from the manufacture of those PCB-loaded plastics, they simply buried them in several huge lots that they owned all over the city! Illegally!

    This was covered on CNN, NBC, ABC, etc. etc. when the story broke about the illegal dumping the G.E. did back then in the 40's, and the story is as big as that of the imfamous Love Canal tragedy. G.E. is now being forced to clean up the several large lots they comtaminated back then when they were dumping the chemicals, and, some of those lots were SOLD by G.E. some years AFTER they buried the PCB-laden waste....and these areas were purchased by people who built HOMES on them!

    Now, I am TOTALLY convinced that my own Fibro is DIRECTLY linked to the hotbed of PCB levels in Pittsfield....when we were kids, my friends and I PLAYED on those lots, and we came home COVERED with mud from those sites......sites which are today FENCED OFF with warning signs about the danger of being in the area!!!

    Now, here's more of what I'm talking mom was one of 16 children, so you can understand that I had a LOT of aunts and uncles....and today, only two aunts are left, and the rest...with only a COUPLE of exceptions...died of CANCER. I have FOUR cousins who have cancer, and a few others with serious health problems. My own sister died last March.....of COLON CANCER.

    Could you do me a favor? Could you email me and tell me what you know of the Quincy incident?? I'd really like to hear what you know about that, and if you could email me, it would save taking up space on the message board to discuss this.

    If you are interested, I could get you links and more info on the Pittsfield story, which sounds to me like what the Quincy obviously is.

    I hope this info has helped you some. It's been a tragedy in my family.

    I hope to hear from you soon, either on this message board, or at my email address:

    Take care for now!

    Larry G.